Cartier watch decision


Oct 13, 2012
Hi ladies,
I've always enjoyed looking at your beautiful pieces and would love your opinions on my watch. Last weekend, we bought a SS Ballon Bleu 28mm, my first nice watch but now I'm having a second thought. I love the sleek and shininess of the watch but I just don't know if it's feminine and "classic Cartier" enough. My style is very classic/elegant with a bit of a bling :smile:
I'm thinking about two other options: 1)SS Santos Demoiselle and 2)SS Tank Anglaise. I really want this to be a classic piece that I can dress it up (wedding, nice restaurants). Do you guys like the BB on me or prefer either of the two options? Price would need to around the ballpark as the BB.
Thank you in advance for your inputs!! :smile:



Aug 28, 2013
I have the same watch in a size 36 that I bought for myself this past January for my 21st bday and I think its wonderful! I wore it to a fancy restaurant dressed up but I also wore it with jeans and both ways it looks fabulous! Ultimately however, you should try on the other choices and go with the one that makes your heart skip a beat :smile: BTW the BB looks lovely on you
Aug 19, 2013
Hm, honestly for a timeless and elegant look I would always prefer one of Cartiers Classics. To me this is the Tank Francaise and the Santos Demoiselle. I have both, the midsize TF and the small Demoiselle, but with the pink mother of Pearl face. And this is the most elegant watch ever! If you use the forum search for Demoiselle pink, you will find my thread. The MOP adds the perfect amount of bling and glamour to that classic watch, without being girly or too pink.

As much as I adore the Ballon Bleu (and I want one too soon hehe), I think from how you already feel about it, you would be happier to go with a "real" classic - even though the Ballon Bleu is on its way to become one.

As for the Tank Anglaise - it's so elegant and beautiful! I love it and will definitely buy one in the future. So I would prefer that over the Ballon Bleu. But my vote goes to the Demoiselle - the ultra feminine and classy Cartier watch. I get so many compliments. I never thought that!


Feb 26, 2012
I just got a BB in 33mm size and wear it with casual and dressy clothing. I prefer it with my less casual stuff, love it with my work dresses, but there has never been an outfit I didn't think it went with. Woukd I wear it with a formal, long dress? No, but I don't usually wear watches when dressed that way and if I do I wear a 1940s sapphire and diamond watch.

The Duchess of Cambridge has worn hers to s polo match with jeans, with dresses to day functions and with semiformal dresses and it looks great with all three.


Feb 4, 2012
Second thoughts is never a good sign, you should feel ecstatic about the watch once you get it, otherwise I would recommend exchanging it. I am talking from experience, I once bought a watch that I had second thoughts about and ended up selling it a year later and get the one I really wanted. For ultra classic Cartier, I would buy either a Tank Louis Cartier or a Tank Francaise. Of the 2 options you are listing, I would go with the Tank Anglaise.


Jan 2, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
I love my Midsize tank francaise. I wear it with everything. It really is a chameleon and looks great with jeans and a white tee or dressed up. I love bb too and may get one down the road but I wanted the classic tank first…. I think you should do the Tank Anglaise first and then maybe a BB in the future if you're still dreaming about it.


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I think your watch is beautiful and you can wear with everything except for formal evening apparel. A tank is even more classic but it just depends on what you want. The watch looks really nice on you.


Oct 13, 2012
Thank you ladies, I think I will just have to stop by the boutique tomorrow to try all of them again. I'm leaning towards a more square/rectangular face since it's more iconic cartier but want a little more glamor than tank francaise which is beautiful in a more understated way.


May 7, 2014
I like the Ballon Bleu on you! It's just as convertible as a Tank or a Santos watch. Don't worry about something being a classic so much. It's the same as worrying about something being on trend or not. If you think you will like this for the rest of your life, just stay with this watch! It has to be a classic to you.
But if you are having second thoughts already, I don't think that's a good sign.


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Aug 13, 2011
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The santos in my person opinion can look dated, and the tank a doesn't grab me personally. But the tank Francaise is a great classic watch I various sizes as well as the tank Americane. I have the bb 28 and I love it and it goes with everything. It's clean and classic and fresh. Otherwise maybe consider the bb in the 33.


Nicole Angela
Aug 26, 2009
If your not liking it, that should be your guiding decision. I would go try on other watches and decide which you love. I saw the BB in person and thought it was underwhelming. So get what you yourself will love.


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Jul 8, 2014
sorry I think I am posting a reply so apologies, can't figure out how to start up! I am having difficulty in choosing between a Tank Solo or an Anglaise. I am a woman in her 40s and need a watch that will see me through most situations. If anyone can help me make up my mind I'd really appreciate that. Also not quite sure why the price tag is so different?
Thank you


May 4, 2014
As a general thought, any luxury watch you buy should give you a happy giddy feeling when you first put it on! The BB looks lovely on you, but those nagging doubts will only get louder with time. Best of luck with your decision :smile: