Cartier watch decision, please advise!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm considering getting a new watch. I have a beautiful Tag diamond aquaracer, but I have decided that it is time to move onto something a little more classic and dressy.

    I've done some research and some fiscal calculations and have arrived at the following options:

    1. Cartier tank francaise - either yellow gold/steel bracelet, or the more unusual rose gold/steel bracelet with pink mother of pearl face;


    2. Cartier Roadster - either steel bracelet and pink enamel face, or steeel bracelet and gold/beige enamel face. The gold/beige face is extremely rare, I've only seen it once in the jewellers I was in recently to try them all on.

    They're quite different designs and I would love any input anyone has. For some background, I'm 24 (25 in December), a newly admitted lawyer, single, quite classic in dress and appearance generally. I'm 5"2 and I'm a petite strawberry blonde. I love the Roadster for the transition from a round-faced Tag to a more classic rectangular Tank, but should I just get the Tank and cut out the middle man? Or is the Tank a more appropriate watch for when you're in your 30s and have some professional credibility and experience?

    Thanks for your responses ladies!
  2. I'm 26...and I love the Roadster. Fiance has one, and if I was to get a Cartier watch, it would be the Roadster. It would still give off the young, professional/mature vibe that is appropriate at this age. His mom has the Tank...and it always gives me the feeling that it's for more mature ladies.

    I have never seen the Roadster with gold/beige face...but it sounds lovely!
  3. I prefer the tank, because it is simple and classic.
  4. Of course, you can't go wrong with either choice, but my fave is the Tank. Very classy, never will be out of style. To me, it says you've arrived!
  5. My sister got a tank as a wedding gift from my mom. It is a classic! Personally, I prefer Roadster as it is a more sporty watch like my fave tag.
  6. Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

    I'm going to try and fit in a quick trip to Hardy Brothers at lunch today to try them on again...need to see them on my wrist...
  7. In my greatest watch fantasy, I would also be debating between the Tank Francaise and the Roadster... I'm interested to see what you finally end up with! Hard decision, but either way, you'll end up with a gorgeous Cartier watch! :p

    Oh, and congrats on passing the bar exam!
  8. you could check out the cartier santos demosille too. beautiful or just the santos
  9. ROADSTER. Period.

    The tank can feel a bit long, if you have small wrists like I do. The small roadster makes you look delicate and feminine next to it's classic almost-deco styling and strength.

    Good luck choosing! :smile:
  10. Ok, so went and tried on both again today. Still a bit torn. Spent most of the time there thinking, I need some TPFers with me! So not totally decided but I am leaning to the Roadster. (Except the small did actually look huge on my wrist today?! Maybe it grew over the weekend?)

    I do want a Tank, but I feel like that's something that should mark a particular achievement, or it would be lovely as a gift, and so I should probably wait for it.

    Thanks for all your responses girls! I'll let you know what I decide and will definitely post pics.
  11. I have the Tank Francaise with the pink mother of pearl face. It's the smaller size (not sure if the MOP comes in the larger sizes?). I tried on my friend's Pasha C and it was huge on my wrist. Plus I really wanted a square face, for some reason, lol. It goes with just about everything. Let me know if you'd like to see pics.
  12. ^^^^^if you could post pics, I'd really appreciate it - sometimes it's helpful to see the watch on someone else's wrist, no?
  13. Definitely. I had to take the pictures myself, so I might have contorted my hand weird in some pictures :smile:

    I used a matchbook as a reference for some of the pictures.

    I take pretty crappy pictures. Let me know if you want something else.
    SuepaFly Tank Angle.JPG SuepaFly Tank Back.JPG SuepaFly Tank Francaise 1.JPG Suepafly Tank Matchbook Straigh.JPG SuepaFly Tank Matchbook Angle.JPG
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  14. ^^^^ Thank you so much for posting pics! You took lovely pictures, the watch looks fabulous (and may I just say, what beautiful rings you have! Truly stunning!)

    Ok girls, I think that the Tank is the prize. I was completely sold on the Roadster, but then when I tried it on, it just looked really big and not quite the look I'm after.

    Thanks so much for all your advice, it definitely helps having the PF ladies' opinions!
  15. ^^^ PICTURES, PLEASE!!! (when you get it) :p