Cartier vs De Beers

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  1. #1 Aug 15, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
    Hi there,

    I need some help please with my next purchase.
    I m new to Cartier, i have a love ring in yg and i m planning to buy my second piece which would be JUC yellow gold ring with diamonds.
    While checking some others boutiques as well i ve seen the new collection from De Beers and they have some rings all in diamonds which sparkles like crazy! I like the fact that they really catch your eyes.
    Anyway this De Beers ring wont look good next to my Love, not the same like a JUC would...Also would stratch Love like crazy. If i buy it i need to wear it alone and move my love on my other hand.

    Must say the De Beers looks very nice with my tennis bracelet.

    What should i do?
    What do you think about the de beers design? I m a young person, I dont want something which would look oldish.

    Please see my pic.

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  2. One more close pict

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  3. Anybody? which one do you think will hold the value better?
  4. I prefer the JUC on you. It looks much beautiful with your love ring.
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  5. I love the deBeers one much better on you! It's a beautiful design and I feel looks great with the love ring, they complement each other so well plus that shine.... Nice!
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  6. The De Beers ring is gorgeous!
  7. De Beers :heart:
  8. After looking again I think they both are beautiful but not with the love. Maybe look for other options if your planning to wear 2 rings on the same hand. If you will wear them on different hands both are beautiful but try the JUC on your index finger.
  9. Girls, thank you very much for your answers. I ve been to Cartier again today, for the fourth time. Those people probably think i m crazy but i m having a hard time with the JUC sizing! And they havent been very helpful either. I m between sizes! For the ring finger i couldnt find a good size. The seller assistant asked me if i wanna try on the middle finger and i said yes. He brought a diferent size that fits me much better. For me it feels more comfortable on that finger. My guess is because this is a thick ring it s hard to find a good fit for a norrow finger like my ring finger! For that finger JUS small version was better. However i want the diamonds.
    So the new ring for middle finger fits very good at the moment.
    For De Beers i have no complains, design it's easy to wear and sits low on my finger, is very comfortable also. Plus it s shinning like crazy.
    The only "negative" for me is this is a new design and not not an iconic piece like JUC. I feel like everybody knows JUS not nodoby will know the other one. I feel like maybe i m missing something not buying on iconic piece?! Or not?!
    I mean the diamonds are diamonds no need of other introduction. What do you thiink?
    Please see a pic with my middle finger JUC and few more pict.
    From what i ve read so far De Beers it s the favorite!

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  10. Last one

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  11. They both look lovely on you! I personally like the de Beers on your finger more than the JUC but it's about what makes your heart sing the most really.
  12. De Beers, hands down. But, I personally don’t like the JUC ring
  13. I love the JUC so much! Looks great on you.
  14. JUC for sure. Not everyone’s hand can carry off that bold JUC ring you yours can. If you want sparkly diamonds i would go for a classic eternity band that you’ll be able to stack with other rings you may get in the future. Check out Whiteflash. Their ACAs are super ideal cuts that will blind you.
  15. I don't like JUC at all... don't understand why women like its design. I do like Love and most other Cartier collections just not JUC. Truly does look like a bent nail.
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