Cartier vs. Chopard Timepieces

  1. I am interested in both brands for a new timepiece, although I have never owned either brand. I would love to hear your opinions on either or both brands, pros and cons (durability, style, price, workmanship, etc.).....don't hold back !! Thanks, everyone.....:flowers:
  2. i would go with cartier, no question.
  3. I own a Chopard, the happy sport midsize with diamond bezel, 7 floating diamonds. It's a fabulous watch. I wear it every day, to work and casual. There is not one thing negative I can say about this watch.

    (Can you guess that my vote will be Chopard?)

  4. Cartier!!!
  5. What a STUNNER, livethelake.
    Thanks for sharing a photo of that beauty.
    Did you get it at a Chopard boutique?
    I will be in Paris in June, and am wondering if I should just wait till then to check it out.....
  6. thanks travelbliss. Yup, got it from Chopard. It's an incredible watch. The diamonds are the best quality available, the sparkle is blinding - lol

    But the floating diamonds are the best part of the watch. When you move your wrist, they dance across the face...I love this watch :love:
  7. I can only comment on Chopard. They are excellent, beautiful and they're boutiques provide excellent customer service. I have the Happy Sport too and I love it.

    To dress it down, you can buy leather straps. I have a pink lizard strap and fuschia crocodile strap. It really is a beatiful timepiece and you feel like you are wearing jewelry.

    BTW, there is a thread right now on "beware of Cartier" (hey, that rhymes, lol) so you should read it.
  8. I would go Cartier; as a watchmaker, they hold their values quite well (esp. for a jewelry house). They have classic watch designs and have some beautiful haute horlogerie watches. I would also consider Jaeger LeCoultre reverso watches. There are some amazing variations with manual and automatic movements.

  9. A Chopard is my next watch purchase. I have Cartier and would suggest that first only because its more recognizable. Both are classic watches. The diamonds on the Chopard are WOW. Lussori is a good place to get Chopard.

  10. ^^^^
    you can change from a metal band to leather or croc on these models?????:confused1:
  11. travelbliss, it would depend on usage. I vote Cartier because IMO it's more classic. The Chopard Happy Sport is lovely too - but more.. well, sporty.
  12. I have owned both. While I had the Cartier Tank Francaise and the Chopard Happy Sport, I seemed to think the Happy Sport suited me a little more. I almost sold it, but decided to keep. It's so pretty and people are right, the floating diamonds totally make you happy.

    Yes, Chopard is not as recognizable, but does that matter?
  13. i think chopards pieces can be a hit or miss for me, i hate their rubber bands, but i guess you can always change that. I love livethelake's one that a gore piece. and yes not as recognizable as cartier.
  14. I wouldnt be able to think of one negative thing to say about your watch either!!!! LOL
    Its diamond bling heaven!
  15. I have both and think the Chopard with the floating diamonds has more bling. I don't wear the Cartier as much as the Chopard. It depends on your lifestyle, my vote is Chopard.:tup: