Cartier two tone watch: which should I buy?

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  1. Hi All! So I'm in the market for a two tone Cartier watch. I've narrowed it down to: Roadster, Ballon Bleu and Santos. Whichever one I get, I'll buy it with the small face. I currently own a stainless steel small Tank Francaise which I have no plans to part with :smile: I do have a two tone Michele Diamond Urban Mini (and a few other Michele diamond watches) but I've wanted a two tone Cartier for so long and I can finally afford it.

    What do you think? Ballon Bleu, Roadster, or Santos? TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I would go with the Ballon Blue TT, I find its one of the only elegant two tone watches. As for Fashion watches, I would put Cartier high up on my list :smile:
  3. I have been leaning towards the TT Ballon Bleu - it is so beautiful, and all my other waches have square faces so it would be something different for me. Thank you for your input!
  4. One wote for the Santos :smile:
  5. Cartier no longer makes the roadster in two tone. If you wanted one of those, it would most likely have to be a pre owned.

    I'd say go for the Ballon Blue.
  6. Another thing I might of forgotten to mention is that one style might fit better with your personal sense of style. The santos being much more of a bold statement (BF style type watch), while the Ballon blue is more of an understated elegant piece that can be dressed up and down, while the Santos is much more casual (Aviation heritage- Was built to be a sports watch).
  7. I'd have voted for the Roadster until I read bagsforme's post about it being discontinued. 2nd place vote is the Ballon Bleu. :smile:
  8. Ballon Bleu all the way! love that watch, especially in two tone.
  9. Another vote for the ballon bleu!
  10. .....And another vote for the Santos.
  11. Santos
  12. Yep that's true. Took me a long time and lots of phone calls to find a new one. I ended up getting it from Watches of Switzerland.

    For you, if you are anywhere near a boutique, go try them on. The one that makes your heart skip a beat is the one for you. The BB is a gorgeous watch. If that's the one you are leaning towards, go for it. The Santos is beautiful as is the Demoiselle. The Tank Anglaise is coming out a little later in the year as gold and SS.


    And just because I love my Roadster, here it is again!
  13. Santos gets my vote
  14. I vote for the ballon bleu too - just sooo elegant on the wrist!

    I wear a roadster but been jonesing for a ballon bleu for months now.
  15. Stylish, your Roadster is to die for!!! My dream watch is an 18K Roadster with diamond bezel...I'm years away from buying a watch that pricey. So, I may end up with a SS Roadster in the future. Thank you all for sharing your comments, this is going to be a tough decision!