Cartier Trinity Ring

  1. Congrats! Looks great on you! Classic pieces are always such wonderful additions!!

  2. Contests! I love mine and also wear it as a necklace by stringing it on a chain... a suggestion from my SA.
    Enjoy it!
  3. Quick question if its ok :smile:

    There are 3 sizes in the trinity rings? The Cartier website is confusing. It says there is the Classic at $1050, (which looks like the large to me) then one for $850 and a small one for $630.

    Whoops, yours is the medium/classic, which is what I have always assumed.
    I've tried them all on in the store and I liked the medium size and was told that was the Classic. Is the Cartier website wrong? :confused1:
  4. The classic is the one for 1050 which is the one I have.
  5. What a gorgeous ring congrats!
  6. Thank you everyone! I love it! Wearing it now, I love driving with it and seeing it on my finger. Have to fight to pay attention to the road.

    Bentley - I have the classic. There are 4 sizes. There is one more larger than this that is $1850 I think but was almost double the width and too big in my opinion. For me this is the perfect size. The smallest is maybe only 2mm when on and the second for $850 was maybe 3mm? This one is about 4mm? I have a size 5 finger for reference. I hope you get it. It's a beautiful ring that looks amazing on. I was scared of the increase and just took the leap.
  7. Also, since there are 4 sizes I think they refer to them as extra small, small, medium/classic and large.
  8. Whoops:

    Thanks so much for clarifying. That makes sense now, I wasn't aware that there were 4 sizes.

    I had the Medium/Classic confused with the 3mm ($850) one. I think the Classic is the perfect size as well!

    Looks perfect on you and I'm happy to hear you are enjoying it so much. Its a gorgeous ring! :flowers:
  9. Yay you live in SF! I wished I lived closer to SF. My SO and I are thinking about moving closer once the housing market improves (I own my home, I would like to get a decent sale on it, you know what I mean?). How do you like living in SF?
    JEALOUS you are so close to Cartier and Tiffany, my two fave jewelry shops!!!
  10. darkangel - I'm an SF girl born and raised! So I'm very partial and attached to my city. SF has the best shopping.eating.entertainment. there is always something going on and anything I want to eat, I can go out and grab within 30 minutes drive. Home prices are ridiculous in SF though. I know a lot of people who moved out of SF a few years ago to get a bigger house and now regret moving out and can't move because the housing values dropped too far. If you can make it out this way, definitely worth it! There isn't any other city i've seen in the world that I love more than SF.
  11. Yay! excited to move closer to SF one day!
    Do you have any other Cartier pieces?
  12. its really beautiful, am planning on buying one.. did u have to buy a different size than ur original size in rings, like my size is 6.5 us... should i buy a bigger size or a smaller one... or just the same??
  13. Congrats for this beautiful ring!!!:yahoo:
  14. Sorry! didn't see this response earlier. But i currently don't have any other Cartier pieces. This is my first! I've always lusted after the love bangle though but i want the rose gold with half diamonds so it'll be a while until I get it. I've been watching that price increase since high school. Next is either that bracelet or a Tank/Santos SS watch. But I'm not sure. I might use my upcoming wedding or anniversaries after that as an excuse to spend it on matching watches. My family is big Cartier fans, especially my dad's side.

    It depends on where you wear it. I currently wear my ring on my right hand ring finger. I'm a US 5.25 and got it in a size 50 so that it would be slightly loose. Also, my right hand is larger than my left hand. If possible I would go into a store and try it on. Also, don't always trust what the SA suggests, you have to feel it for yourself. The SA put me in a 51 originally and when i moved my hand down as if to point to the floor I felt it slip forward so I went to a 50. My friend that also purchased one was wearing her ring on her middle finger and so she went up a size from her normal ring finger size. It all depends on what finger you wear it on. I find that if I move the ring to my left hand ring finger (size 5-5.25) it moves a lot but then fits perfect on my middle finger.
  15. I know, I HATE watching the prices go up and up! I bought my trintiy ring online, and it is a smidge too big, but the next size down was too small. Tough decisions! So i can only wear it when it isn't cold out, because my fingers tend to shrink a bit in the cold. I SHOULD have tried it on in the store, but lesson learned. :smile: