Cartier Trinity Ring Owners...a ?......

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  1. I am really thinking that this is the ring that I'm going to get next month.
    Can you tell me if it is substantial in weight? Does it have good heft?

    I've had other rolling rings in the past that were easily dented and I even had one that broke. I don't want to dish out $$$ for the Cartier to experience the same thing.

    Do you think it is a good ring you can wear everyday without having to worry about damage?

    Finally, do any of you wear it with another ring on the same finger?

  2. Yes - it has good weight and doesn't bend/dent. When I was a teen, I used to love rolling rings (even before I knew about Cartier!) and those ones often bent on me. I've had my Cartier one for a couple of years with no issues. It can withstand daily use.

    I only wear it alone... I think it'd be too busy with another ring on the same finger.
  3. I love mine...had one for about 8 yrs and upgraded to the one with sparkle diamonds -- love it!! Wear it (and the other) pretty much daily -- it will lose some shine but can always be buffed at the store -- my fav piece of jewelry ever.....
  4. Thanks for the input! I think it is such a simple, but stunning ring.

    I was just wondering about wearing it with my wedding band. Truthfully, I'd like to use it to replace my band (20 yrs!), but the few times in the past I have mentioned it, DH really got upset. So I was wondering how it would look with the band; but I will probably get the Trinity ring for my pointy finger.
  5. i think this is what i'm doing. we really need to put money towards a downpayment and i'm young, what do i need a blinged out ring for? i'd much rather my SO use that towards a downpayment. we save a lot, but still 10K is 10K and i think at this stage in life, it would work best for us.

    i really would love to have a replica of this ring made with conflict free diamonds. that's another thing that makes me choose the plain trinity as my band. i also like that to upgrade, you can keep your original band and then stack them. i do not ever want to part with the original wedding ring i receive, regardless of what i go with.

    i have tried it on twice now and i must say it is the MOST comfortable ring ever. it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.
  6. I :heart::heart::heart: the Trinity ring with one band of pave diamonds. And I like the fact that there are matching earrings too.
  7. ^^^

    and the bracelet!
  8. I have the Trinity ring with the scattered diamonds on the bands. I love this ring! I have been wearing it daily for almost two years, without any problems. I wouldn't wear it with another ring, however. I think it would be too bulky. I wear it on the middle finger of my right hand.
  9. my SA wears the plain stacked with the single pave band trinity and it looks AMAZING! i've tried it on like this and it looks great, and still feels very comfortable.

    has anyone tried on the all pave trinity? it is so gorge. i think it's 45K or so. yikes!
  10. That's good to know:tup: I'm staying away from the pave Trinity. I'd rather get a new car, instead;)
  11. I have the ring and LOVE it, its my very first Cartier jewelry!! But i wouldn't wear it with other rings, i think it would be too buzy... I wear it on my right ring finger.
  12. if you pair it with other trinity rings, it practically fits like a puzzle, as the rings sit flush against one another.

    i do think it would be awkward with any other sort of ring though. i tried on a pave eternity band (just a plain, single band) with the solid trinity and it wasn't comfortable, nor did it look or sit right.
  13. I've tried the all pave Trinity, both the white diamonds and coloured diamonds version. What can i say .... I was almost hyperventilating.
  14. i ADORE the colored diamonds (pink, white, and yellow) version! it's stunning.
  15. Sometimes, I stack mine with other rings. It depends--if you have fairly long fingers, it is a good look. If you have smaller hands, it might look squashed.