Cartier Trinity Ring Help!

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  1. I don't usually post over this way (I tend to lurk and post more in LV/Bal forums), but I love seeing the jewelry everyone has! I'm thinking about taking the plunge, and I could use some advice.

    I'm going to Paris in a few day, and while I'd assumed I'd pick up something at Louis Vuitton, there's nothing I really want (I couldn't believe it either!). I have a DE Ltd Ed zippy wallet I love, my daily bag is the YSL Cabas Chyc, and I have a GM Neverfull for traveling/carrying a TON of stuff. DH has been patient with my bag collection, but he might wonder about *one* more purse!

    All of a sudden, I realized it might be a good opportunity for me to pick up a trinity ring from Cartier. I've always wanted one, and with my graduation from graduate school in a couple of weeks, it's a great time to splurge (and with the dollar being strong against the euro!) It seems like the prices are fairly comparable, but with the VAT refund, I'd come out a little bit ahead.

    I'm a little nervous because I don't wear a lot of jewelry, let alone nice jewelry. My wedding band is an antique; 6 diamonds in white gold. I wear two VERY thin gold rings with teeny diamonds from scosha on my right hand. My only other jewelry is a pair of simple/small diamond studs (anniversary present), a gold antique locket, and my watch (stainless/rose gold coach - nothing special). I also am nervous because I get a little overwhelmed when buying nice things. When I bought my Neverfull in Edinburgh, I rushed through the process because I was so anxious!

    Going to Cartier in Paris makes me nervous, so I wanted to ask you lot - if you have the trinity ring, which size (bands) did you get? I think I like the XS the most - it'll go best with the other things I wear. I could go to my local store to see if I like it - but I didn't see it on the US site. Does anyone know if the XS is carried in the US? What size do you have and love? Also, I'm nervous about what size to get. Should I get it to fit my middle finger - so as I get older, I can still continue to wear it?

    Finally - if anyone has this ring and loves it, hates it, thinks I should get something else, I would love to know!
  2. I have had this ring for four years and I wear it everyday. I absolutely love it! It goes with everything and is unique but classic. I wear it on my middle finger, because I find it most versatile. As an aside, it's also fun to play with if you're bored as it rolls very nicely, ha!

    Mine is not the narrow one, but regular (I guess?) because my hands are on the larger side. I saw the narrow one on someone last week though and loved how delicate and fine it looked.

    I say you should go for it as you've wanted one for a while and it is completely classic. Have fun with your purchase!
  3. Hi i have the regular sized or classic trinity ring. I love it! I wear it everyday. Im just being careful with rolling it because it tends to be scratched. It is something that cant be helped since it is a rolling ring. I hate it when my dh gets it from me because he doesnt know the right way to put it and it resulted to its first scratch. I tried the really thin trinity ring and I honestly dont like it. It feels awkward in my finger and because it is extremely thin i dont think its worth the price you pay for it. Even with a thousand dollars, the gold should be substantian enough to be worth the price. I cant imagine myself spending much on a ring that has no weight at all. As soon as I tried it on I cried " Nooooooo" . Still, if you really like it than I guess you have to disregard my opinion and go for what you like! Thats what is more important..its what would make you happy...
  4. Thanks, both!! :thinking: I might go to the local store tomorrow to try on the different sizes and see. If I'm going to spend that much, I may as well get exactly what I want!
  5. I very recently got a trinity. I tried on all 4 sizes, and did lean towards the second smallest one but ended up with the classic. It just "looks" better imo. But try them all on for sure to see what you prefer. I wear it on my ring finger a little loose so I can switch it to other fingers depending on the season.
  6. I have the x small and love it! The others are right - it is not substantial by itself so if you are looking to wear it alone it may not be the right choice. I stack it with my thin diamond bands and also my engagement ring and love the look. Whichever size you pick, you can't go wrong! It's really special to pick up a piece in Paris- Pls share what you get!

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  7. Ooh I love the way you stacked your rings!
  8. +1 (on the XS being great for stacking and that it would be special to pick something up from Paris!)

    Love this look on you SMOM!
  9. I have the regular style and am considering the bigger one for variety.
  10. That looks so pretty!
  11. I have the classic one and even though I don't wear it everyday, I love it because of its versatility.
  12. The classic is a staple for me too.
    I don't wear it everyday either, but it's one that fits well with my style - even when I'm very casual. For me it's the jewellry equivalent of a trench coat or black pumps.

  13. Thanks guys! You're all too sweet 😙
  14. I have the small Trinity (I don't think they make the extra small anymore) and I love it. I have worn it basically every day since I got it a little over a year ago. Sometimes I wear it on the index finger of my left hand, but most times it's on the middle finger of my right hand. I am actually going to Paris next week on my honeymoon and will be stopping by Cartier to get a rose gold Love wedding band. I am hoping it looks good stacked with my Trinity, although I do love the way the Trinity looks by itself. This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It's such a classic and beautiful piece. I agree that getting it in Paris makes it even more special.
  15. My parents gave me the classic for my 16th birthday, and I still wear it every day 26 years later. I do have a silver version for when I travel, just to be safe. I find that it goes with everything. I do not recommend getting the matching bracelet, though. It's really noisy, clanking, and due to the weight, moves around a lot. In the 20 years I've had mine, I've only worn it a few times.
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