Cartier tri color ring

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  1. Ever seen a vintage cartier tri color ring without serial number?im hoping the really old ones hasnt right? Thanks
  2. As far as I know there are always serial #s on Cartier Trinity rings. There are a lot on non-branded trinity rings around.
    Does the hallmark look authentic?
  3. I also think they always had serial numbers on their pieces. How old is it?
  4. Im not sure. I bought it from and they stated it was authentic cartier tricolor ring vintage. It says 18k too instead of 750.. Ive been using it for more than a year now and it never fades even if i leave it on my jewelry box for months so i know its at least real gold. They have a 30 days return too but my hubby didnt like to pay the shipping. They didnt take photos of the ring hallmark though to focus..i like it because its shiny..looks good on my fingers. Its really heavy. I tried on a authentic trinity ring from the store itself and i notice mine is really has weight. Underneath mine i could see black spots and a tiny line so i could tell its old.i started this post so i could rest all my doubts...
  5. Can you post some pics of the ring and hallmarks in the "Autheticate This" thread at the top?
  6. The problem is its hard to upload photos in the photobucket been trying it for hours suppose to upload my photo of the ring with the receipt that says cartier
  7. I own a vintage Cartier ring and I know the older rings have no serial numbers. It depends on the time it was sold and the kind of tri colour ring. The seven-band rings have no serial numbers even in the 80s. I have a serious certificate with its number but no number in the ring. Sorry about my bad English, I live in Germany.
  8. Its a three band ring....they didnt give me a certificate. Mybe they will but with a fee so i didnt like to pay extra...another thing that bothered me is that it says 18k instead of 750...
  9. I think 750-stamped rings are usually made for and in Europe (France), I have seen different Cartier 3-band-rolled rings with a 18K stamp sold in USA,
    I think it depends where and when it was made and sold
    But the CARTIER- mark should always be inside and the size.
  10. Oh..there was no size marked...