Cartier tank: yay or nay?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I need your help in deciding whether to get a tank for a coming milestone birthday or not.

    I’ll be 40 in a little over 18 months. I have been thinking on what to get and fell in love with the Cartier tank. Either the SS solo or SS tank française in the pm. Getting either means saving like crazy, and asking for money for coming bday and Xmases to add up to what I’ll be able to put aside.

    Here is my dilemma: I’ve read all the threads I could find re the Cartier tank. And lots of them have been like a cold shower :sad:. Mainly tpfers disappointed in their watch because they aren’t reliable, and service that seemed overpriced.

    I don’t mind the saving part. I’ll even stop buying Hermès scarves to get this watch (which says a lot :P).

    But I expect a reliable watch that keeps the time and doesn’t need to be taken back to Cartier every few months or so. (Once every two year for battery change seems more my thing) Am I deluding myself? Does getting a tank mean extra care / hassle and (given what I expect from a watch) disappointment?

    Should I get a less expensive quartz watch (right now I use my iphone if I want to know the time) and use the money for something else (maybe a small diamond pendant)?

    Any help/opinion/suggestion is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading me.
  2. I think you should get one. Service is expensive if they do a "full service" - I'm not sure what all is involved, but I was told they take the watch apart and clean it. I only have had this done once on my SS demoiselle. Every other time I took one of my watches in it was free or a modest charge. (And if you don't like it you can sell it.)
  3. I bought myself a Cartier wind-up watch in 1977 when I was hired by IBM. I've now retired, but the watch hasn't, and I still wear it. I've had it taken apart and cleaned twice, and a few incidences of its losing time, but was fairly easy to repair.
  4. I have a small quartz Tank F in stainless/gold. Love it. No problems, keeps perfect time. Had the battery changed once. (IF you buy from an authorized dealer, you might be able to swing a bit of a discount.)
  5. Both me and my mother have the Tank Francaise medium model (she has the gold, I have the steel). This watch is truly like a tank - a strong workhorse. My mother has had hers since the late 90's when it came out and has only had to have the battery changed once in addition to a full service. The full service was around 500 dollars, for polishing of the bracelet and watchcase, and a replacement of the battery and gaskets. I have only owned mine for 3 years and have not yet had a battery change. It honestly isn't too expensive for how infrequently you need to service it...especially since it is quartz. I think it is definitely worth it and is a great 24/7 rest-of-your-life -type watch.
  6. Thank you all so much for taking the time to share your experience. I feel better now. I don't mind spending a certain fee for a full service if it's only every five years or so and it means keeping my watch working "forever". Radio_shrink nailed it: I'm really looking for a "rest of my life" watch.

    What made me rethink my purchase was reading a few posts here and there about how the watch stopped working after only a few months...:amazed: and how they were disappointed by the service at Cartier's.

    saligator: I'm lucky enough to live 40 minutes away from a Cartier store. So that's where i'll get my watch if I go for a tank.
  7. I own a santos galbee n santos 100. No problem at all from my watches n I love them to bits. Cartier watches are timeless classics n totally worth the investment
  8. My husband is a watch nutcase... He too wanted to buy one for me till he found out the tank is battery operated. He has strong opinions about paying for a watch which runs on batt and quartz movement...

    For a watch around 5-6k , he suggested Rolex..

    I steered away from tank because of this
  9. Thanks for you input.
    My brother is a watch fan too and we've already had that conversation. Though he admits his rolex doesn't keep time too well… But I understand how some people would feel strongly about putting that kind of money toward a battery operated watch.
    BTW the tank does come in automatic, though it's the larger model.

    Unfortunately I can't fit a tank automatic or a rolex in my budget. And if I could I would probably get a JLC anyway. :biggrin:
  10. Why would you buy an expensive watch if it is not in your budget?
    Buy a replica and call it a day.
    I was fortunate to receive a Tank as my first year anniversary present, it still works great and I still love it 25 years or so later.
    But we did not have to eat noodles to get the watch.

    I have cheap and real and expensive stuff, nobody can tell the difference and frankly who cares?
    Just a thought.:smile:
  11. I love my tank, got it preowned 3 years ago and it's great. I have a reliable watch place I take all of mine and DHs watches to for battery, cleaning, service etc and I don't pay Cartier prices--you can always get it cleaned etc elsewhere
  12. It voids the warranty.:smile:
    But I agree pre owned is a great way to go.
  13. I've had my Santos for a few years now, and have had the battery changed by Cartier twice. Supposedly they do a cleaning too, but at $400 per battery change, it's excessive. Although I still wear and love the watch, I feel like a tuna every time I shell out that $400.
  14. That's what I might do in the end if I am not satisfied with Cartier service after the warranty period is up.
  15. :shocked:
    Yes that's why I'm thinking twice about getting one but apparently I don't have to do it at a Cartier store…..