Cartier Tank Watch or Love Bangle?

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  1. If you had to choose, and it would be at least 5 years before you could get the other, which would you choose?

    Cartier Tank Watch (either Francaise or Americaine) stainless steel, no diamonds


    Cartier Love Bangle in yellow or rose gold, no diamonds?
  2. The watch - for its dual purpose - piece of jewelry and as a watch
  3. ^^ I agree
  4. The watch.
  5. Definitely the watch...
  6. The watch hands down. The tank is amazing and a classic LOVE it
  7. I have both.
    I got my Tank first and Love later.

    If you have to decide one now - GET THE CARTIER!!
    Good luck!
  8. watch (but the tank americaine does not come in steel just for info)
  9. definitely watch
  10. the watch!
  11. Thanks have all confirmed my initial thoughts. The watch!

    It's just that I have wanted the bangle on and off forever, but never purchased it. I guess that in itself is sort of a sign, huh? :O)

    Thanks again!
  12. tank watch
  13. watch!!!
  14. The watch for sure.
  15. I am a watch person, so I will always say the watch!