Cartier Tank OR Roadster?? HELP!

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Tank or Roadster

  1. Tank

  2. Roadster

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  1. So I am on the market for a new watch. I dont own a Cartier and I have decided to go with that.. My only issue is that I cant decide between the Midsize Tank or the Ladies Roadster..

    Price isnt an issue, Im simply trying to decide which one I like best. I will wear it as an all the time watch so day-evening / casual-formal.. Which would you chose?

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  2. Roadster I have one and love it!
  3. I have both. Purchased the tank first and absolutely love it. I find it is more classic and really wearable with anything. I then bought the Roadster for a chunkier, funkier look. I also love it. I tend to wear my Tank in the summer when it's hot since it is not a heavy watch and more comfortable for me. I wear my Roadster (and J12) throughout the cooler months as they are heavier.

    Depending if you have any particular 'wants' out of the watch, you can't go wrong with either. Both of my Cartier's are SS. Would love to have the Tank in yg but maybe in another lifetime. :smile:
  4. I am having the same dilemma, LOL. Can't wait to see what you decide!
  5. Roadster, because you can easily switch out watch bands for a new look. I have one and am wearing a brown croc band for a little while :smile:
  6. I am partial to the Tank, as I just purchased one, but the Tank is just so sleek. I love the clean lines.
  7. They are both so perfect- but I'd have to go for the roadster. It's just REALLY special IMO.
  8. I love the sleekness of the Tank.
  9. I love the Tank. Well, the Tank Americaine is my favourite as it's longer and makes your wrist look great, but the Francaise is a total classic.

    I think that the Tank will "age" with you better possibly than the Roadster. Not that a Roadster would look strange on a 55 year old - but it's a watch that would look classic and chic no matter what age you were, no matter what the occasion.
  10. Very good point.. Im 27, if that helps "placing me with a watch" lol
  11. I really think both of these watches are 'ageless'.....the only difference, to me, is that the Roadster is a bit more of a casual design. Though I'm almost 50 and see myself wearing both the Tank and Roadster for many more years. :biggrin:
  12. Roadster!
  13. I love both!
  14. Thank you everyone!!! I have decided to go with the Roadster, It just feels like a younger watch and it suits me better I think (a little more casual) I got a good deal on it on ebay so I wont have it for a few days but Im super excited to get it! :yahoo:
  15. I prefer the Tank by far, I think it's a great everyday watch, sober, elegant & timeless .