Cartier Tank Francaise - Small or Midsize?

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  1. Just curious what you ladies think about the size. Small or midsize for the Cartier Tank Francaise? Which is the more popular, standard size? I tend to go for classic timeless looks.

    I am 5'8" with 6 inch wrists. My husband bought me the small, which I absolutely love, but I also noticed a few posts of TPF members loving their midsized version.

    P.S. I'm not worried about offending my husband if I had to exchange it. This is a watch I intend to wear for a long time, so I want to make sure I have the right size.
  2. I have the midsize and think it is just perfect! I'm 5'2" with wrists just a smidge smaller than yours. I still think it looks classic and enjoy wearing it a lot. Congrats on your new watch - it's a classic no matter what size.
  3. It depends on what look you prefer. I have the small which is very classic and wish I had gotten the bigger one because I like big watches.
  4. i like midsize... this is coming from a petit girl. why dont u go into cartier to try the midsz and see which one looks better?
  5. I guess the most important thing to me is staying power. I want to be able to wear the watch for 20 yrs (assuming I don't lose it).

    Yes, I will probably trek up to the Cartier store, just horribly lazy...I try to avoid midtown as much as
  6. I prefer the midsize. I am also tall (5'10) with 6.5 wrist and own the midsize. I LOVE it, wear it everyday, and think it will last forever as a classic. It is not oversized at all.

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  7. oops, it should read 6 in wrist, .... ring size is 6.5:biggrin:
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    The midsize definitely looks fantastic on you! Do you think the midsize works for dressier occasions, too, or mainly just daytime? Since this will be my everything watch, I just want to make sure I can wear it everyday as well as to weddings, etc.
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  10. Thanks so much for the input. I'll plan on making a trip up to store tomorrow to (hopefully) make a final decision.
  11. I have a large wrist, just under 7 inches, and I greatly prefer the small size on me. Big watches make my big wrist look bigger. I think smalls are perfect.
  12. Hmmm...decisions, decisions. I'm hoping there will be a more clearcut answer once I try both on to compare.
  13. I have the same size wrist as you - I prefer the smaller one.
  14. So, after trying the Midsize on at the Cartier store yesterday, I decided to stick with the Small, but I'm glad I tried them both on for comparison. The midsize looked fun and sporty, but I couldn't see myself wearing it to more formal occasions (The salesperson also highly recommended the Small over the Midsize for me).

    Thanks for all the input though...much appreciated.