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Chicago Mama

May 14, 2014
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Just FYI, Many of you long-time TPFers may remember me as NY Village Girl, so although my current Chicago Mama account name is new, I am a longtime TPF member. Just wanted to mention this to avoid any confusion in case I refer to any previous posts on here with pics of jewelry under my former account name.

Anyways, just curious to get everyone's input on Tank Francaise sizes. I have the midsize Tank Francaise, but recently I have noticed the Tank Francaise in the large size model everywhere. When I purchased the watch in 2010, I went with the midsize, because I felt that was a good size, but I am curious to get everyone's input on size recommendations between the two. I never really considered the large model, because I thought it would be too big and too trendy (whereas midsize seemed to be good size with staying power). But, I am curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Every time I see the large size, I love it, and I am actually considering possibility of trading in for the large size at some point.

If you were going to buy this watch, cost difference aside, which size would you choose or recommend?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Tank Francaise Medium size

Tank Francaise Large Model


May 25, 2012
I'm all for big watches normally but I dont think the Tank Francaise looks at all feminine in the large and not even that keen on it in the medium unless you have very large wrists that would make the small look wrong


Jul 28, 2014
I usually love big watches however in the tank range I much prefer the medium size- looks elegant and sophisticated. The large looks too masculine imo
Aug 19, 2013
Hm, I have inherited the medium TF from my late grandmother. Although I love this watch and would never trade it, I still wish it would be the small size. I´m more for delicate watches, so I say NO to the Large. But of course it has to look good on your wrist and you should like the total overall look it gives you.


Jan 2, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
Hi!!! I can speak from a LOT of experience because I just bought this watch a couple of months ago ( see my avatar) and researched on tpf AD NAUSEUM- in fact, Chicagomama, YOU were one of my enablers as I LOVEd the midsize on you and studied your pics, among others, for months before making my decision!!
Here are my thoughts. Tf is a classic style. If bought too big, I don't thing this style looks cool or hip, as say a ballon bleu would or a Daytona or other 36 mm round watches do. These styles lend themselves more to that boyfriend look you may be wanting when they are bought oversized, I think tank, when oversized, just sort of looks "off". I think this watches' sleek lines and square face just don't look right oversized. If that's the look you are going for, I would do it with a different model- perhaps one listed above or something else that makes your heart sing. Keep the midsize TF and enjoy it for what it is- a timeless, elegant, sleek and classy look. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1408644342.601314.jpg . Sleek, modern, classy TF in midsize ( transitions so well from ever day to dressy)

For more casual days or when I want a boyfriend watch kind of look:

Chicago Mama

May 14, 2014
Thank you all for the input. It means a lot, as I know you all have good taste.

Blumster, I love the midsize Tank on you! I feel honored that my pics came in handy. Thanks, also for the input on watch styles. I think you are spot on. Round faces lend themselves to the boyfriend look, whereas Tank is a different style.

I am currently prego with baby #3, and my arms are a tad bigger than they usually are, so I suppose that throws things off a bit, and made me rethink my watch size. I do still think the large size can look great on people, but perhaps the midsize is the right size for me.

Thanks again for everyone's input, and anyone else, please feel free to chime in.