Cartier tank française - maintenance?

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  1. Hi everyone. I've never bought an expensive watch before. I'm now planning to buy my first Cartier. Today, a friend of mine who owns a Cartier, told me it's not only quite expensive to change the batteries, but you also have to get a full service of the watch every five years, which is very expensive.

    I got an expensive watch (with manual movement) as a present from my grandmother. She bought it about 40 to 50 years ago and never had it serviced, but it still works fine.

    I'm currently using a watch that I bought about 10 years ago for less than $200. I've replaced the batteries myself and never had any kind of repair or service. The watch still functions perfectly. I still have an old inexpensive watch from my childhood that works just fine and never had any service.
    So I assumed that if I would buy a watch that costs more than 15 times the price of this watch, it would come with a construction that is at least as good as my $200 watch and would not need to be serviced every 5 years.

    Therefore, my question: is this true? Is it necessary to have a Cartier tank française SS (quartz) serviced every five year?
  2. Servicing has nothing to do with poor construction. It's a matter of keeping the watch in good working order. It's like getting your car serviced. Over time, the moving parts develop wear and the parts are also in need of lubrication. When a watch is serviced, they take it apart completely, thoroughly clean all the parts that are in good shape and replace all the worn parts. Everything is given new lubricant, and the water resistance seal is replaced to ensure that your watch continues to be water resistant. I can't speak for Cartier's prices, but I had my TAG Heuer serviced in 2012, and it was only $180. If I am not mistaken, my husband was told that servicing for Rolex costs about $500. Of course, Rolex is an automatic movement, whereas TAG Heuer (and some Cartier models) is quartz.
  3. I have a Cartier which I bought second hand and wear it now every day and I have not had it serviced.

    I bought an Ebel in 1988 and it serviced once in 25 years and it is still perfect.

    To be honest I would only get a full service if your watch was showing problems or not running to time.
  4. I inheritated my grandmothers Cartier Tank Francaise which is now about 20 years old. Although my parents who were a certified Cartier dealer at the time, she never had it serviced once and it still works perfectly. And I wouldn't worry about changing the battery beeing overly expensive. You don't have to do that neccessarily at a Cartier boutique were it costs twice as much or even more than at a local jeweler.
    As for servicing, my mother always said that if you don't wear it excessivly, which means that you swim with it often, expose it to many temperature switches, do sports with it (sweat) you don't really have to service it.
    I wouldn't let these thoughts stop me from buying a Cartier watch, it's a great choice!
  5. Thanks for the replies! I really love the Cartier watch, but I was worried that after 30 years, I would have spend almost as much on service as on the watch itself. I'm not planning to buy another watch of this price category any time soon, so I really want it to be a quality watch.
  6. I have the Cartier tank that you are considering. I've had it 15 years & wear it every day. I've only had to change the battery a few times. I love it!
  7. For what it's worth, I only had my TAG serviced when it started acting up. I didn't plan on having it serviced despite having more than five years at the time. Also, my husband got his Rolex in 2006, and he has not had it serviced once. It's fine.
  8. I was told that it is good to change the battery of quartz watches every year and not to allow it to completely 'die' as that may cause chemical leakage into the watch which may be damaging.
    Has anyone else been advisd to do this?
  9. Batteries or quartz watches needed to be serviced when the battery is out of fuel. If the battery is not taken out and left in places it will leak the acid inside the battery and cause erosion! It would be a waste of money to keep changing batteries every year!
  10. I can't speak for every brand of watch, but TAG Heuer watches actually warn you when the battery is about to die. The second hand will skip three seconds at a time when the battery is getting low, so you have to time to get that battery changed before it causes any problems.
  11. I don’t think so. I have a cartier watch. I have been using it for last 7 years. But still I have never gone to service center. Still it is running well. I thinl its an rumour and don’t listen to this kind of words.
  12. I own a Cartier tank Louis Cartier since 1999. I wear it every day and change the battery after three years (in a Cartier boutique). Last year I thought it would be nice to have it serviced after all these years. But in my case this wouldn´t have been really necessary: My watch worked fine before and works fine after the service...
  13. Ive had mine over 10 years. The battery change can be expensive but I've never had it or needed to have it serviced.