Cartier Studs?

  1. Does anyone have a photo of the cartier Studs?
    Can anyone tell me about the setting?
  2. Which studs?
  3. I do not know, I was speaking to a lady and stated i need new studs.
    she told me the best would be cartier studs appears they are very popular in NYC. I looked on the web and can not find. Are there more than one kind of studs by Cartier?
  4. Do you mean diamond studs? I guess I'm not understanding your question.

    I know they have gold studs that are part of the love collection, but no diamonds on those. At anyrate, as we danced through a million times before, if you're speaking of diamond studs you will pay a premium for the Cartier branding. Personally, I have no idea how they'd be mounted--it might be the most beautiful mounting in the world and well worth it.

    As for the the love studs, theyr'e very nice, and I considered owning them, but then I decided they were de trop cher, so I moved on.:supacool:

  5. What Cartier studs? Cartier makes a lot of jewelry so you're going to have to be quite a bit more specific.

    If we're talking diamonds, I would never buy diamonds from Cartier due to the needless markup -- it would be like buying diamonds from Tiffany. You can get the same quality elsewhere.