cartier small size watch

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  1. hello,
    i have tried on the cartier watch in small. which of these two is nicer?
    do u think it will be too small for me considering i am quite big size? pictures as below.
    thanks. :smile:
    the first one is the cartier miss pasha rose gold with diamonds
    the second is the cartier ballon bleu rose gold
    cartier1.JPG car3.JPG car2.JPG
  2. opps, can anyone help turn my picture...thanks.
  3. a closer view of the watches. :smile: all opinions r welcome. thanks for looking
    car4.JPG car6.JPG
  4. I like the first one much, much better!
  5. I like the darker strap. Its not too small on you!
  6. Bb!
  7. Bb!
  8. Oh sorry, I also mean the BB, I said "first one" because of the modeling pics you showed.
  9. Hmm.. Or should i go one size up? How do u all feel about small watches, when now the trend is going big. I hope to buy a classic design which can last forever.
  10. I think the BB looks perfect on you, the size suits you very well.
  11. Tq for all the opinions. Many here favours the midsize ss. Maybe i should try the rose gold in midsize. :graucho:
  12. Bb looks better here.
    What's the price of these two btw? Thanks!
  13. In my country the bb is Rm28400 and pasha rm 36400
    The pasha is more xpensive due to having diamonds inside.
  14. I have a small BB in yellow gold. Check out my Pic in the Cartier reference thread:smile:
  15. I already did. It is stunning. May i ask, do u like it more than the ss midsize that u sold?