Cartier small love bracelet!

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  1. Hi! I just bought the small love bracelet online through the e-boutique and had a question. Does anyone else who have the small love bracelet...when the bracelet is closed and screwed on, do the two halves move just slightly around a little bit where the opening is? Like there is a little bit of wiggle room? Hope I’m explaining this clearly. Thanks for any help and insight!
  2. Mine does not move around, my guess is if that occurs it may not be screwed on well
  3. Mine does not move around at all once closed. Hth!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I did tighten the screw the 90 degrees it’s supposed to be but there is like a millimeter of wiggle room still
  6. you may need to return it
  7. Mine has a little bit of wiggle room. Actually I hadn't noticed it until I saw your question, but I know it's not super tight. I hope I'm explaining well.
  8. So funny you mention it. I didn't find this thread earlier and was asking the same question in the other "small love bracelet" related threads. I just got mine and it has the wiggle room you are describing. Also 3 people commented back on my question in the other threads and confirmed their small love bracelet also has a bit of space and makes a little clicking/tapping noise if you press on two halves or try to pull apart.
    So it sounds like it's common and not a defect.
    If anyone asked their SA or Cartier about this, it would be interesting to know what they said.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I ended up returning it since I didn’t like the clicking noise it made. It sounded too loose for me :smile:
  10. Hi! I think this is normal. The bracelet isn't going to fall off or anything.
  11. Thank you for the response! Maybe I’ll reconsider a thin love in the future
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I have three that I've worn 24/7 and never had any issues.
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  13. #13 Oct 8, 2019
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    Oh you did? I’m also not very thrilled about this slight movement between the two halves of the bracelet. I’d prefer if it were closed shut tightly. I’d love to wear mine 24/7 and it doesn’t feel very solid to me either. But I love everything else about it.
    So far 3 people here on purseforum told me their small loves have the same movement (with me and you, that’s 5 people total). Sounds like it may be a design of the snap mechanism and not a defect. Other people reported they’ve had it for 2+ years with no issues.

    What did your SA say when you brought the bracelet back because of this clicking sound?
  14. Hi Violet Bleu,
    do all three of your small love bracelets have this clicking sound/slight movement between the two halves of the bracelet?

    Did it concern you a little at the beginning?
    How long have your been wearing yours 24/7?

    Probably now that you’ve had yours for a while you know it’s safe despite this slight movement and nothing to worry about?!
  15. This was 1.5 years ago but the manager of the store allowed me to take a look at a few other thin loves and the others seemed tighter and more secure. I ended up just going for the regular classic love in the end and I’m really happy with that decision!