Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. I think they’ll need to have the little trinity ring with them, but I’ve only ever walked into a Cartier just wearing the bracelet and asked to have the cord changed. No problem at all!
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  2. Didn’t think I ever would get this particular bracelet, but I tried it on at the Ala Moana store this week and went back to pick it up yesterday. I actually like the size of the rings and was surprised by how well it complimented my wedding rings (just IMO, haha!)

    Now I just have to figure out how to 1) Get extra cords sent to me and 2) Replace the cords. There is no Cartier where I live, so I’ll only ever be able to change the cord when I travel.

    I love it so far! Thanks for letting me share!!

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  3. It looks so beautiful on you, enjoy!
    The Trinity silk cord bracelet was my very first Cartier piece a few years ago, and I´m wearing it most of the time. I love its versatility and the cord changing option. I hope Cartier will send some cords to you. Do you have the little booklet which shows how to change the cord?
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  4. Looks great on you! Your post has inspired me to get my Trinity cord bracelet on to stack with my two Love's.
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  5. #110 Feb 3, 2019
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    I wear mine on average every other day. It does get wet when I wash my hands (VERY often) I take it off during showers. I get the chord changed once every two months, it’s complimentary at the Costa Mesa location. It was the deep red, now it’s an orange 41600E6A-C4AD-4805-B365-919FEB96CFEB.jpeg
  6. The Hearts bracelet looks so beautiful! Cartier doesn‘t make these anymore, right? If I may ask, when did you get yours?
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  7. I’d like to know too, love this!
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  8. Thank you! From
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  9. Hi! It’s from
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  10. Hi, how do you get replacement cords if you purchase online and don’t live near a boutique?
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  11. Really love my cord bracelets just ordered the trinity white gold and black ceramic for my other wrist I highly recommend these! You can go anytime into the Cartier boutique and get your cords changed to any color and you can also tell them that you live far away and they usually are able to give you extra silk cords to take home with you. I’m sure if you call the Cartier online service they can accommodate and maybe send you some in the mail? Worth a try IMG_0789.JPG
  12. I wear my love cord bracelet with my diamond love 24/7
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  13. [emoji173]️ IMG_0677.JPG
  14. Hello ladies and gents, I was wondering if you can help advise. I'm new to Cartier. (Long time lurker in the forum admiring everyone's purchases!). I was looking at one of the cord bracelets as a "back to work" gift from me to me. Does the Trinity bracelet in white gold and black ceramic dull over time? Would I be better off looking at the love version? All my jewellery is platinum and white gold, not one for mixing metals
  15. I’ve had one on for approx 3 years and it looks pretty much the same as the day I bought it.
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