Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. Has anyone done this….take the piece off of the cord and put it on a chain for a necklace? I'm wondering how that would look. That would be a fun option. If anyone has, please share you picture. Have a great day!
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  2. That's actually a really good idea! Does anyone do this?
  3. can I get a new cord for my trinity bracelet if a friend comes get it with no bracelet since I don't live near any Cartier boutique? I am willing to pay for it
  4. I would call and ask if you know the sales associates sometimes they give you extra cords to take home so maybe you can special request one over the phone and let them know who is coming so they’re prepared and can accommodate or you can try eBay as well they sell silk cords too for our cartier corded bracelets :smile:
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  5. I think to call is a very good idea! I have been given extra cords several times. I´m in Germany, fyi. Good luck!
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  6. I'm thinking about getting this bracelet, how big are the rings? Like 1/2"?
    Don't want it to be too small!
  7. They are at least an inch. 1-1.5 inches
  8. Thanks for the info! You are referring to the rings on this bracelet, correct?

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  9. Yes
  10. I have one and the ring are approx 1/2 inch across. I think there are some diamond versions that are larger.
  11. Thank you for reply!
    Would you say the ring pendant is 1.1 to 1.2cm?
  12. Yes, approx 1.1cm
  13. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows of a site where I can purchase the cartier silk cord replacement with shipping options to the EU?
    On ebay itnonly ships across the US
  14. In my experience every Cartier in Europe (that I’ve visited) has changed the cord free of charge. I’ve even managed to get them to give me an extra spare cord before! Could you not get to a Cartier boutique? They don’t ask for any proof of purchase and they’re generally quite lovely :smile:
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  15. I unfortuantely don’t live near any cartier but if they don’t ask for proof of purchase maybe I can get a friend that lived near one to get it for me?
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