Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. Gorgeous collection :smile:
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  2. If I buy the trinity ring, can I ask the SA to make it into a bracelet for me?
  3. I think the ring will be too big. But you never know unless you try it out. You may like it just fine.
    And about asking them, if you mean by making it into a cord bracelet I don't see why they wouldn't considering how much you just spent for the ring. They switch out the cords out for free when you purchase a cord bracelet so I can't see them not giving you one if you ask.
  4. Thinking of getting one as my first Cartier!
  5. i got one for christmas from my boyfriend. going to change the silk cord this week, as he went with the standard black one ;)
  6. I want to get one and was thinking about wearing it 24/7 but then remembered that I put on lotion after every shower. I'm thinking that would make the cord gross if I don't take it off, and it seems like a hassle to have to take it off every time as it doesn't seem easy to get back on and adjust to the right length.
  7. It's not too difficult to get on and off although it does involve using teeth when I have done it! To be honest I just leave mine on. I have had it since last May and although I change cords whenever I am near a Cartier (my last one was Paris at the beginning of November and you can go to any boutique) I don't find leaving it on a problem. I have used hand cream, body lotion with tanning products, all sorts! I find the cord holds up very well. I currently have a fairly dark red/purple but had a lighter grey all last summer and black before that. None of them have ended up discoloured or dirty or sticky. If I'm using something that may stain it then I will try to avoid getting it on the cord where possible but it seems to get washed in the shower and so far has looked pretty much like new when changed :smile:
  8. When you get used to it, it's not at all difficult to put on or remove. I like to wash mine in the shower when I wear it, and hang it on the radiator while I apply body lotion. My baby pink cord hasn't discoloured or frayed at all. When I last visited a Cartier boutique, I was given multiple cords to take away, so I now have fluorescent pink, fuchsia and lime green available whenever I fancy a change.
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  9. i also leave it on 24/7 :smile:
  10. Yes I saw that on a youTube video and I so do not want to use my teeth to get it back on everyday! lol

    I'm just worried the lotion will stick to it and become gunky. Imagine dried up lotion stuck to it! I wash my hands after I put on body lotion, maybe I can wash the cord at the same time and it will be fine?
  11. Do you guys wear it on your left or right hand? And if the left, do you worry about it getting scratched rubbing against your watch if your watch is metal?
  12. I wear mine 24/7 as well and it holds up really well against lotion and doggie slobber. I wash it in the shower everyday, and it dries real fast. I wear mine on my left with my BB watch, no problems with scratching.
  13. In looking at getting one soon. The SA old me cords are free.
  14. Yup. I just got one on Thursday and the sales associate told me cord changes are free.
  15. IMG_1485714546.078794.jpg love this 'cartier' red :smile:
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