Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Thank you so much, popped into selfridges & got the dark grey one at last :yahoo:
  2. Yay! I'm glad you managed to get it, it's a lovely colour and looks gorgeous on you :smile:
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  3. Aw thank you that's really sweet of you :smile:xx
  4. Anybody have the baby love bracelet in gold and ceramic with the two links on a cord I'm dying to see what it looks like irl [emoji173]️
  5. I wear my white gold & ceramic trinity almost 24/7 and get the cord switched out every few months. My cord is in black. When I shower the cord gets cleaned also so it's no big deal. It doesn't fray as easily even when I stack it with my charm bracelets.
  6. Do you have any pics of your cord bracelets being worn? Do you stack them together? Thanks
  7. IMG_1478299644.185137.jpg Sorry for the poor lighting but here it is. I also have other cord bracelets that I can post later when I get back home. I'm wearing it with Tous pearl & silver bracelet and a Cruciani infinity bracelet. I've worn it with my Pandora charm bracelets and my vintage charm bracelets in the past and haven't had issues with fraying. What did fray it once in the past was a Velcro glove I wore that caught on it. But it wasn't a big deal because took it off and I carefully put a flame to it and it just burned off the light Frey and then switched the cord when I got to Cartier again like a month or so afterwards.
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  8. Here's an old pic from my Instagram IMG_1478299996.882409.jpg
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  9. Sorry for the bombardment of posts but here's another stack pic from my Instagram IMG_1478300116.282819.jpg
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  10. So cute! Thanks
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  11. Here are 2 more of my cord bracelets. I stacked it with more Cruciani bracelets, a yellow gold Cartier baby love bracelet a Tous gold & pearl bracelet and some Victorian wedding bangles and an Art Deco bracelet. IMG_1478353211.956017.jpg
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  12. image.jpeg Changed my cord to purple for the winter :smile:
  13. I just love the ceramic with the white gold. Looks great on the purple cord [emoji1360]
  14. Thank you :smile:
  15. Silk cords bracelets..

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