Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. Thank you Nikki!
  2. +1
  3. Changed my black cord for a grey one today (although it looks a bit lilac in the photo). Definitely no charge in London :smile: image.jpeg
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  4. Beautiful! :smile:
  5. Aww thanks :smile:
  6. Is that the dark grey one? & is that the Bond Street Cartier? Cause I really want the dark grey but they had run out last week... Hoping it's back in stock :smile:
  7. Hi, yes I think so! There was this and another that was described as silver, this was definitely darker. I got it changed in Selfridges. :smile:
  8. Excellent :biggrin:will pop up to Selfridges and get it changed ... Thank you :smile:
  9. You're very welcome. It's a lovely colour, I just hope it doesn't look dirty too quickly, I leave mine on all the time, too much of a faff to keep taking it on and off! :smile:
  10. Two questions

    - what's the maximum wristsize it will fit?
    - can you get multiple cords when you buy it or just one which can be changed once in a while?
  11. Hi, I think if you buy it from a boutique there would be no maximum wrist size as they would cut the cord to the length you needed. Even if you bought it on line it is very adjustable, it needs to go on over your hand though, so it's hard to give a maximum wrist size if that makes sense? I have only asked for a cord change, but I have heard of people asking for spare cords on here. I don't think there is any limit to the frequency of cord changes though. Cartier told me it is free in any boutique and as I wasn't happy with one of the knots on mine when I changed it a week or so ago in London I just changed it again in Paris a couple of days ago.
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  12. Thanks! That great to hear! I am a guy (like the white gold/ceramic) and sometimes a bracelet is just a tad too small
  13. Made this in the boutique. Vibrant colors!!

    Attached Files:

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  14. They look great! Easier to pick a colour like that too. Did you get the baby trinity while you were there?
  15. Not yet, think I am gonna buy one when I am in the States. They also had a drawer with all the roles but wasn't allowed to take a picture of that. Looked to cheap I presume ;)
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