Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. Helenama---- how long have you had your love bracelet?
  2. Another pic of my new piece loving it. Thank you for showing me your pieces

    Do you wear yours all the time

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  3. Pls do show me a pic with the purple cord x

  4. Morrison: I've had my Love cuff since November 2014, but that pic is from Christmas 2014 so it was pretty new by then. It's held up pretty well, though, and is still almost as shiny.

  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459160152.866509.jpg

    Here it is - it's a beautiful deep purple color but very hard to photograph... Please ignore the tatty blanket in the background lol[emoji2]
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  6. Love it, i think the next colour i want is the bright pinky one and also want the baby pink and lilac too hehe

    How often u change yours and do u wear urs everyday
  7. Lovely! Do they still sell the cord bracelets? I did not see them in the store or on the website. so pretty on you!

  8. Thank you! Love yours as well! There are so many pretty colors... Next time I might try something green... Or hot pink. Or blue. Might have to get one more cord bracelet oops... [emoji33] maybe the Love one?

    I change the cord of mine when I can get to a Cartier boutique (there isn't one in my country), which so far has been about every 9-12 months. I tend to wear mine quite a lot, 1-2 time a week but I always take it off before bed, showering, etc so as not to get it dirty too fast.

  9. Thanks so much! [emoji4]

    I think they still sell them, at least it's still on the French website.
  10. Just got mine today. I chose the white gold and black ceramic version :smile:
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  11. Got a new orange silk cord for summer for my bracelet yesterday! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465640506.655268.jpg
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  12. How small do these go? I have very small wrists and will have to order on line as I live states away from a boutique.
  13. They're on adjustable silk cords. I have small wrists myself and they fit fine.
  14. Do the rings rotate to the underside of the wrist?
  15. I've left mine on continuously since I bought it and although it's not tight it hasn't moved at all. Even while sleeping!
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