Cartier silk cord bracelets

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  1. Do you wear your silk cord bracelets 24/7? Does the cord get a bit gross after getting wet and dry all the time? I'm considering getting the trinity but the silk cord is making me nervous.

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  2. You can get extra cords and even change them yourself (if you can figure out how to do it). Cartier will also change them for you if you leave near a boutique. Most people get the black cord so it doesn't show dirt. I wanted the gold cord but knew that I would get upset when it got dirty, so skipped the cord bracelet altogether.

    I do wish they would make a trinity bracelet without a cord that wasn't as big as the bangle. The trinity bangle makes my wrist look child-sized but I'm also concerned about the cord getting dirty. I think that the Love wouldn't be as popular if there was a great Trinity bracelet option.

  3. I agree.. The trinity bangle is huge on my wrist.. Wish they had more options on the trinity line

    Thanks for your input on the silk cords... I'm not sure on the wear and tear of the silk cord after a long period of time [emoji17]
  4. I wear my cord bracelet (baby trinity) every third/fourth day or so and take it off before bed and when showering or exercising. The cord does get dirty anyway, especially if I wear skin lotion, oils or sunscreen on my arm. There is no Cartier boutique in my country so I try to get the cord changed when I have the possibility to visit a boutique abroad. I have the dark purple cord right now which holds up pretty well, I had the brown previously but it started to look dingy after just a few months. I'd never pick a lighter color if I didn't have the possibility to get it changed often...
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  5. I have a black cord and asked my cartier if I could buy a different colored cord and they told me they don't do that anymore? This was over a year ago when they told me that. I'm not sure if it's just my cartier or a clueless sales person? I would ask before you buy one just to make sure that's an option :smile:
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  6. Thanks... I'll definitely ask before I buy [emoji6][emoji4]
  7. I wear mine everyday. Unfortunately the cartier boutiques in toronto charge a fee to change the cord but everytime i travel i get it changed. The silk cord is really great quality and holds up very well.

    I have had many colors over the years from baby pink to the classic red to various shades of purple and now im on a black cord. Have never had the issue of the cord looking gross or discolored.

  8. That's reassuring to know... Thanks [emoji41]
  9. I thought that new cords are always free? At least, that's what I was told when I visited the Vancouver boutique (just over a week ago).
  10. Then ur boutique is prob free. I think last time i asked was abt a yr ago, i first bought mine in2008 and was told theres a fee. Its prob at the boutiques discretion since asi mentioned prev i have never had an issue getting the cord changed for free in the u.s and also recently in paris. Toronto sucks.
  11. i wear mine 24-7 about 2/3 of the time in showers pools etc. i get it changed periodically just for a different color but havent felt it gets overly gross. it dries pretty fast, the cord is pretty durable (minimal color fading or fraying) and its a pretty "secure" bracelet... plus a fun way to try new pops of color. last cord change about a year ago.

  12. That's reassuring... Thanks for your info [emoji4]
  13. I wear mine everyday and haven't taken it off except when I've had the cords changed. As mentioned, the cord dries out quickly. To be fair though, I've been fickle with the colours, and have changed the cords pretty much every month for different colours...

  14. How much does it cost for each cord change? I think I would change the cord often as well in case I get bored of the colour [emoji13]
  15. I live in London, and have always had it changed for free.