Cartier Santos Bracelet

iI remember taking a screen shot of this photo cause I loved the santos, love and juc bracelets... I ended up years later with a love and juc but never purchased the santos cause it only comes in YG and WG and my bracelets are in PG.


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Hi everyone! I'm interested in this bracelet from Cartier, but can't find any info on it. Does anyone have any pics of their own wearing the bracelet? Also just a general info about it, if they recommend it or not? Are the links hollow? I prefer my jewelry to have some weight to it, so I don't like hollow jewelry. Thanks for your help!


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Reviving old thread ; and seems this bracelet’s interest disappeared into thin air.

Anyone has this piece? Does it stack well with Love or it scratches up the latter?

Can it be altered (remove a couple of chains) at store ?
Looks amazing on you :smile: thanks for posting.

do you think the bracelet is heavy ? or flimsy ?

and does it go over your love bracelet ?
Not flimsy at all! It's a substantial piece, for sure. I wouldn't call it "heavy" per se, but you can definitely feel the quality. :tup:

Yes, it goes over my Love, but my tennis bracelet does, too - it's not something that bothers me, personally. I prefer a looser fit for my bracelets. :smile: