Cartier Santo Modeiselle or Rolex or Mikimoto????

  1. I need your help on deciding a perfect watch I need to buy for me. I have been going crazy to try to decide by myself!:p

    I took the Cartier home and since the store have 30 days return policy before I keep it for good, and I have other thing on my mind, I need to decide!!!

    My husband thinks I should get the Rolex instead Cartier but since I haven't really gone to see the Rolex that much (but I have the idea and tried them a few time before), I picked Cartier instead. :push:

    That said, I am also loving the Mikimoto pearl (8.5 to 9.00 mm) -16 inches strand.:heart: Mikimoto's price is around $7,500 plus tax. Cartier watch is around $ 5,000 and Rolex..around $5 to 6 K??? I think it depend on the style. I need to mention that I have already one strand of mikimoto pearl from Dh (smaller mm) but I love this color that I saw recently.:rolleyes:

    I don't mind paying a little extra if it is worth it but which one???? I am

    Help!!! Your opinion will be appreciated.:heart: ;)
  2. Personally I like Cartier watches better than Rolex too - I just prefer the style. Would you wear the new pearl necklace instead of or with your old pearl necklace? If you prefer that size maybe you could trade in or sell the old one? Unless you want them layered?
  3. Winternight, thanks for your opinion! I thought so is the Cartier style that I think suits me.
    For the pearl necklace, I probably only need one necklace which I prefer the new one since I love the color and the size. Maybe I will sell the old one ..(didn't think about it before). :push:

    So do you think I should get the mikimoto pearl instead?

    I am thinking if I couldn't decide between Cartier and Rolex, maybe I should wait for the watch and bought me the mikimoto pearl instead which totally unexpected!.:nuts:
  4. I would go for the Cartier as well. I wear a pasha and love it!
  5. Hi... I was also set on getting a Cartier tank francaise, until I saw some Rolex threads here. At that point, I had only tried on Cartiers. This weekend, DH and I went to look at watches and now I'm switching to the other side - a Rolex is what I really want now. :yes: I just have to get familiar with the options for the sizes, faces, bands, etc. I like the fact that there are so many options with Rolex.

    I also thought that Cartier was more my style, but I really like the new release of the Rolex Datejust - I love the clean look of the smooth bezel, as opposed to the fluted bezel. Go check it out!
  6. I personally LOVE Rolex watches. I think that the Yatchmaster is a really nice style for every day. I like the two tone one with the white face.
  7. It looks like we are in the same boat! :yes: :nuts:

    I was just browsing to in Rolex website too and checked out what they have over there but I didn't really have time to surf long. I def. want to check Rolex too before I make my decision.

    Is that a new style of DateJust that you are referring to? I need to check that out and I wonder if the store has it? Any model # and any more detail? :nuts: :shrugs:

    I probably will do the same this weekend with DH.:idea:
  8. A gorgeous timepiece or beautiful pearls ..... hard decision. Since you will probably wear a watch more than pearls maybe you should get a nice timepiece first and then get the second strand of pearls later on. That way you don't have to sell your first strand. I have a Rolex now and hopefully will be getting a Cartier tank in the near future. Both have lovely styles to chose from. My understanding is that Rolexes hold their value more than Cartier. Maybe someone can confirm this. I don't know if that is a factor in your decision. If you decide to go with Rolex you may want to look into buying a previously-owned Rolex to keep the cost down a bit. Torneau sells beautiful previously-owned Rolexes (as well as other brands).
  9. Yes, Rolex watches keep their value MUCH better than Cartier watches do. You can probably get someone to pay what you paid for your Rolex in about 5-7 years. I don't know if a Cartier watch will ever "Reagain" it's original selling value.
  10. Oops, it should read re-gain
  11. Hi! I don't have the model numbers, but yes, it is a new style of the Datejust, w/ the smooth bezel (sometimes I've seen it referred to as a dome bezel). I was in Tourneau last Friday and saw a few new Datejusts... I had fun trying them on! :smile:
  12. i think rolex is very ah beng. like in singapore the new rich who desperately want to show look look we are rich first go and buy a rolex. i feel it has no class.
    go for a cartier. its old rich and oozes class.
    rolex islike the monogrammed LV and i think it looks ugly.
    i really love cartier especially the santos its so unique. trust me and you have a pearl strand already so if you need a new watch go for it.!!! But if you are a jewellery person and fantasize more about jewellery than watches go for the pearl strand.
    At the end of it all you should be 100% satisfied with your buy no matter what others think.
    enjoy what you decide finally.
  13. I guess that explains it... I also love the LV Monogram pieces. :idea:
  14. I don't Rolex is an ugly watch, I think it is a matter of preference for each person in choosing which style they like. I think Rolex is a classic and it has been established for long time.

    It is the attitude, manner and how you carry yourself that would show if a person has a class or no class imo.

    Having said that, I guess I kind of understand too what you are getting at by saying that there are some people who wear Rolex just because Rolex is more recognizable as an expensive watch and show a status (sp), hence the reason they buy the watch is to show off.:shrugs:

    I have Hermes bags and I also have some LV monogram bags and other bags in my collection.:yes: And I always know that I love nice things.:heart: :smile:
  15. Hi Sweetea! I think you need to go with what your heart draws you to. And there is no reason to think that you can't get something else later! There is always tomorrow!

    Sounds to me like you are falling for the new style Rolex. You DH definitely feels that way. So this might be the right direction for you!