Cartier rolling rings - not the Trinity Ring

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  1. I need help from Cartier lovers out there! Can you tell me if Cartier ever made a rolling ring (has 3 bands, just like the Trinity ring) in just white gold, with letters inscribed on one of the band that says "Trinity", "Amore", etc.? I saw one in a place that sells antique jeweleries, but Cartier said they no longer make those anymore. If someone can post a pic or let me know the price, that would be great! TIA!!
  2. hmmm, not sure about just white gold. They do make a tri color one with "Les Must de Cartier" inscribed on it....
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  4. Thanks Kittie LaRoche! This is the exact ring I saw! Glad to know that it is a limited edition piece.

    If anyone else have any info on this ring, please LMK!! Thanks!

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  5. Xxxx
    Off topic. Please don't discuss selling here.
  6. What a great looking ring! I hope you find it meowmeow :smile:
  7. I know that Rachel Zoe had a paltinum roling ring, I think? It was all platinum or white gold, not sure
  8. They used to make an all white gold one but discontinued it a few years ago I believe? I can't remember.
  9. yes, they used to. i had an all white gold trinity, like the 'regular' one, but sold it again as the trinity wasn't for me. for rings I prefer H Stern.

    also the WG ring was rather 'dark' and not as shiny as I would have liked.
  10. Darn. I love the Trinity 3 gold, but an all white gold one would have been cool!