Cartier Roadster

  1. Hey there,

    For my birthday my parents offered to get me a Cartier watch! :smile:

    I'm really excited - of course, it will be used and the price has to be right but I'm excited nonetheless.

    We were able to find an Automatic Roadster for $2000!

    I personally like the Ladies model (quartz) but at that price, my parents are saying that the automatic would be better value. I find that it is a little big on my wrist but am just wondering - what is your take on it?

    Does anybody have a Men's Cartier Roadster and find it's a good size? Should I pay a little bit more and get the Quartz model?

    Tough decision! I don't want to get a "trendy" piece (the bigger one) but if it is a better value, should I jump at the great deal?

    Any opinions are appreciated :smile: Thanks guys
  2. I think that some of it depends on your size. I am very petite and would look silly in a large watch. Having said that, some women just prefer the look of a large watch and I must admit, I do think that some women can pull it off. Congats on your soon-to-be cartier! I just got a Cartier TT tank for my 40th birthday and I love the brand:smile:
  3. I recently parted with my mans size Cartier Roadster & as much as I loved the watched it scratched so easily because its highly polished......I have the medium SS Cartier Tank & find this watch worry free because it doesn't scratch & stays looking great.

    Here is a pic of my Roadster that I recently parted with
  4. If it were me I'd go for the quartz ladies model myself but that's for two reasons, a)I like smaller watches and b) I don't like when a watch says 'automatic' on the face lol. I know that second reason sounds silly but it's something that aesthetically bugs me. I also think the smaller size could go dressy if need be, so my vote is for the smaller version of the watch and you seem to prefer it so you may regret getting the bigger one in the end.
  5. Hey ladies! Thanks for your questions and comments. I went for the unisex automatic model and I'm glad I did because I love it!

    I did buy my watch secondhand and it's quite scuffed up which brings me to question #2: any recommendations for where I can take it to be polished? Cartier does it for $200 but it takes 3-4 weeks and I would prefer to have this watch on my wrist ASAP! However if Cartier is the best option, I believe it is worth the wait.

    Opinions please!