Cartier Roadster sizing question

  1. Good morning ladies!! I'm trying to determine how the sizing runs on the Roadster. I prefer a "chunkier" look, like a Rolex 33mm midsize, and I *hate* small feminine watches.:rolleyes: Is the standard "ladies" size fairly large? Do they make a medium size? I know there is a men's size and an XL, but I think those are probably too big. I never really paid attention when I was trying the Roadster on in the store, and I'm not sure if the one I liked was the regular ladies or a larger in between size.

    Thank you!! :smile:
  2. Small is 31 mm, large is 38 mm. I don't think there is a medium. The roadster isn't a small feminine watch. Go with the large size if you want that extra large chunkiness.
  3. ^ agreed

    i like chunky watches and that one is sooo hot
  4. I have a medium roadster. it's heavy but not chunky and people seem to like it..
  5. I tried on the lady size, its similar to J12 33mm, very chic and not too feminine!!! I'm getting the one with pink face next year!!!
  6. Thanks for all the input!! :smile: