Cartier roadster or upgrading a diamond ring?

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  1. Ok, I posted earlier about upgrading my engagement ring. DH is giving me 2 choices: Cartier roadster for valentines in 2008 or to upgrade my diamond ring. Im torn since I love both LOL Suggestions?
  2. Ooooh, I think Roadster. Gorgeous!:love:
  3. Few questions to help you decide!!! What is your current ring situation first!!!! Also, by how much could you up grade for the same cost as the watch???? By upgrade do you mean new centre stone and setting or just new setting with some extra bling eg. eternity band, stackers etc?

    Of the top of my head it is simpler to get a cartier roadster. Buying diamonds takes a lot of research imo...but worth it.....but it does require some education, time and effort to get your moneys worth and best value.
  4. I would choose the Roadster. It's such a beautiful watch. And I'm sure your ring is gorgeous, besides you will definitely have another occasion to upgrade it ;)
  5. I want a new center stone. I have a 1.2 carat diamond now but I want a 2 carat :nuts: Its pretty far fetched since that would probly cost 2-3x the price of a roadster. :confused1:
  6. i love my roadster. but then again a larger engagement ring will be nice. i say ring for valentine's day and b-day get a roadster :smile:
  7. upgrade to a big diamond
  8. I had the same delemer. I ended up lately purchasing a larger diamond. But I didnt trade in my old one as even for someone in the trade, its just not worth it. My old one is 1.25, the new one is 4 carats. But I compromised on quality and cut.....knowingly.....and Im convinced that my stone will face up like a million bucks despite these compromises. I am a realist and know that I am a size gal. Although I am highly educated about every aspect of cut is king, angles budget didnt go that far!!!!!

    I would rather get the big things out of the way because a watch I can always buy down the track or even second hand if I wanted to. So my opinion is to get the ring and spend your money there if you can afford what you want. Otherwise go for the watch!
  9. Thanks! I wont trade in my old one too but planning to have it set to a pendant or something like that. The roadster can wait I guess:sad:. But the SA told me there will be a price increase in february:confused1: And it would be around 8-10%:cursing:
  10. Get whichever you will wear more.
  11. if you don't think you can actually get the diamond you REALLY want now, wait and get the Roadster first.
  12. You have a point there. I wear my watch more than my ring ;)
  13. Havent found the diamond that I like actually. Hmmmm...:graucho:
  14. After reading more about your situation and lifestyle....I say definately go for the roadster! A diamond upgrade is a big commitment in terms of time, searching, cost and can even be stressfull!!!

    Since you wear your watch more, I think you should spend your money where the max. pleasure will result, and definately get that Roadster on your wrist asap!

    Consintrate on the diamond situation at a later time if at all!!!!
  15. thanks super much Littlesharon!!!! :yahoo: