cartier roadster or la dona

  1. I have the la dona watch and am now second guessing myself, Did I make the right decision? Which one would you rather have the cartier roadster or la dona?
  2. la dona
  3. For me a Roadster - I really love it.
  4. definitely roadster- sportier and sexier IMO
  5. def roadster
  6. The Roadster hands down.x
  7. definately la dona.
  8. I think Roadster is a very very nice watch. I ever wanna buy it but I already got a Cartier Pasha.
  9. Both are wonderful choices. Haha I hate that feeling of second guessing after a decision is made. The best advice I could give once the decision is done is to be happy with it. The La Dona is beautiful!
  10. La dona for me..I think it is much more unusual and I love the 'story' behind it's design. it's modern and deco at the same time.

    I have the la dona and wear it all the time lately.
  11. I like the la dona, the badn is beautiful and intricate and looks like a stunning bracelet! The roadster is not quite as classic and more sporty imo.
  12. They are so different. Depends on the look you are going for. The la dona is lovely!
  13. The La Dona is very pretty, but I'd prefer the Roadster for everyday. My mom has it and I like that you can click off the metal strap and click on a leather one. Changes the look of the watch in seconds.
  14. Raodster....I'm personally dying for a Santos100....I love Cartier watches.
  15. Roadster. But depends on what you want to wear it for.