Cartier Roadster Large Mens Size?

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  1. Hi! Just wondering if any of you ladies own a Cartier Large-size Roadster? - not the XL chrono but the large. Just wondering if the large looks good on women? Thanks in advance;)
  2. Hi,

    I've been thinking of this watch for myself. Here's a picture of Jennifer Aniston wearing the Roadster watch so you can see how it look so gorgeous on her. I hope this helps!;)

  3. I wonder if she's wearing the ladies size? I got the large mens and am really happy with it:love:. I was a bit worried it would be too big because my wrists are really small but it turned out ok. Hope you get one too!!!:smile:
  4. I love that watch on Jennfer Aniston! I like how she mixes the silver watch with gold bangles. Sooo stylish. I tried wearing bracelets on the same wrist as my watch, but I just couldn't bear the thought of scratches on my shiny watch.