Cartier Roadster for formal events/parties?

  1. I already have a ladies datejust gold and steel jubillee rolex with white dial and a midsize SS oyster datejust with black dial. They are my all-around watches and Im thinking of investing on a dressier watch for special occasions. I like the look and size of the roadster since I prefer chunky watches. Opinions please? I also like the fact that its got changeable straps.
  2. I am so interested in others opinions here also. I have been doing a lot of watch shopping trying to see what I really like. I would like the watch to double as an evening watch also.

    I think it has more to do with the wearer than the watch actually, her level of attractiveness, overall style etc etc.

    For me personally, I didnt think I could pull the roadster off as a special watch with the satin band. I think on me it looked very ordinary. It could be because it was the ss model, and it just looked chunky and manly on me.

    Mind you I love the concept of being able to change bands, absolutely love this feature.

    FWIW, I was also looking at Jaeger reversable watches with one side diamonds one side plain (can also change bands) and raymond Weil and Baume & Mercier both with diamonds and rectangle faces....and changeble bands.

    Lastly, I tried on a Rolex that was SS with black face, jubilee band, it seemed quite dressy for evening imo.
  3. hmmmm....actually, it looked kinda ordinary to me too when I tried it at the store.
  4. when i think of the roadster i think of a sporty casual watch (even in gold + diamonds) it just has this vibe kwim? so no i would not use it as an evening special occasion piece
  5. I think the Roadster is more of an everyday, casual watch. The tank is a more dressy watch.
  6. The Roadster is definitely more sporty - less dressy. Think golf, not gala.:cutesy:
  7. I agree that the Roadster is a sportier watch for everyday type things. I wouldn't wear it as a dress watch.
  8. Thanks everyone. They told me I can actually special order leather alligator straps in different colors to make it look dressier. But each strap costs over $200 :push: I guess I was so overwhelmed by the changeable straps. Was at the store for more than an hour figuring out whether I should ge it or not. Gotta put that on hold in the meantime.
  9. Im surprised and pleased to see that others have confirmed what I suspected about the roadster not working as a formal evening watch! Because in many of the shops I went to, they ALL insisted that with the satin band, the roadster was ready for evening work!!!!!

    Now, if I was thinking about the diamond roadster, I would wear it to ANY formal was pretty glamerous.....but Im not going to even go there!!!!! I know that Im not going to spend that much on a watch.

    Interestingly enough, I went shopping with a $5000 budget, but soon started thinking that the $10000 watches were really `cheap` due to the relative cost thing going on with the other watches!!!!

    Back to roadster watch bands. In Australia they are $450 each, and I thought it was good value because you got such a different looking watch by changing them. The bands are so shiny and quality, you can tell from a mile away that they are not cheap. The only problem for me was that the bands did not lift the watch out of the casual bracket for me. And, in all likeliness, I wouldnt be wearing leather bands that much as I tend to ruin them.
  10. Littlesharon, If I do get the roadster as an everyday casual watch, should I get the one with the pink or ivory face? I have a rolex with white face and another rolex with black. What do you suggest? Your opinions really count as I cant rely on my DH to choose which is which LOL
  11. I know you are going to want me to say `pink` because that way you get a different color face to what you already own!!!!! And I can see the point in doing that.....but....I really found that with the white face you could keep your options more open for different coloured bands. Eg. I really LOVED the brown, pink and black bands which would all go with the white face. However the pink face was more limiting imo.

    I especially loved the brown croc. skin band, which looked superb with the white face, not as good with the pink.

    I know its a hard call because you already have a white faced watch.

    Have you tried the colored bands against both faces yourself????
  12. I only tried the pink leather strap and black satin on the ivory face. And they looked really nice. I agree that the pink face is limiting. I guess Im leaning towards getting the ivory face. And Cartier has a different look from Rolex anyway so it would probably be ok to have a similar dial color. What do you think?
  13. Definitely the white face. You'll never tire of it. You could also "outgrow" the pink later on in life.
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. Definately the white (ivory) wont go wrong!!!!