cartier ring

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  1. does anyone know how this ring works? is it two separate rings or are they connected?

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  2. Connected
  3. I have that ring, connected
  4. would you mind posting a picture of it? I'm curious to see what it looks like and i can't find any pictures on google images!
  5. I still haven't figured out how to post pictures properly so not sure if this will work

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  6. oh thanks!
  7. I have it too; it was a Big anniversary celebration marker. It's wonderfully chic, because it's very understated and rather rare compared to the usual Love bands, so you probably won't see others wearing it. The pave is lovely and sparkly in the sun and looks great with the rose gold. On me it spins around a lot (all of my rings do though), and sometimes it wears like Dvsmom is wearing it, sometimes the pave is on the top instead, and sometimes it forms an X. So you get many different looks. I wear it constantly and LOVE it!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463375181.365297.jpg here's another picture with the cross centered!

    Do you experience a lot of turning with it? And how's it holding up in terms of scratching? :0
  9. Looks really pretty on your finger YS1_

    It spins a lot on me, but my knuckles are big. I think it's a very feminine design! I wanted something a little more embellished than the regular LOVE band. It's holding up well for me in terms of scratches, and because it's on the small side I never hit it. My Trinity gets far more knocks, and is now very soft looking, with a scratchy patina.