Cartier Revson love bracelets...anybody else have them?

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  1. So, in 1970 (same year as the release of the love bracelet at Cartier stores), Aldo Cipullo (designer of the love bracelet) and Cartier paired with cosmetic company Revson to release a special gold electroplated love bracelet. These bracelets look nearly the same as the solid gold Cartier version, the main difference is that only one side closes with a screw. The other side is hinged.

    I have managed to get my hands on two. One in a large size and one in a small. I also snatched up one Cartier/Cipullo/Revson friendship bracelet.

    I will post pics soon. But I'd like to know if there are any other TPF'ers who have these.
  2. Nobody? They are rare...but I thought a few tpfers would have them.
  3. Bump, I've actually never heard of this !
  4. i have heard of it, but not impressed with it. i don't know, it just seems like a sloppier design, if that makes sense.

    when we were searching for my LOVE bracelet, i saw a bunch of these on ebay and didn't like them at all. maybe because they're older, i don't know, but they almost look like the fake ones, imo. :shrugs:
  5. never heard of it but i soooo want to see a pic!! im obsessed with the love collection!!

    pls post pics! :smile:
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    I actually have two of the love bracelets from 1970 (one in each size) and a "friendship" bracelet from 76. I don't know that Cartier ever released the friendship bracelet, but it is also designed by Aldo Cipullo (designer of the Love bracelet). As you can see, the friendship bracelet also uses the "screws" design.

    They have a bit of light surface scratching...but considering that they are 40 years old...I don't think its too bad! I am looking into getting them re-electroplated.

    They are quite pricey on ebay, around 300+ each for anything in decent condition.

    Sorry the photos are kinda crappy, my camera never wants to focus right when I try to photograph these bracelets.

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  7. I really don't consider the design "sloppier". it is practically the same. The only difference is that instead of two connecting screws, there is one, and a hinge on the other side. I actually prefer them because the bracelet still stays shut without the screw, making it easy to put on and off. To me, its kind of a pain to get a screwdriver everytime I want to take of my bracelet. lol
  8. I have seen these Aldo Cipullo ones before, I think they are pretty cool ( plus the price points are friendly), but if I had a choice I would go for the 18ct ones from the store (only because if I am going to get it, I might as well just get it). I have worn my WG one for over 2 years and it is fine being on all the time, in fact I need to get another one!!!!!!:girlsigh:
  9. Yeah, I actually got lucky with these bracelets, I bought one for $15 and another in a lot of vintage jewelry for $12. I also bought the friendship bracelet about 4 years ago before they too became high priced. If I would have had to pay $300 per piece, I would have def just went with the solid gold ones. I hope to get one of each in gold and silver someday...but being a college student, that's a little out of my current budget. lol.
  10. ^^ I think you got a great bargain and I think buying the ones you did was a great way to buy into the love collection! :woohoo: which is better imo that buying the fake ones around. Getting it replated is a great idea and will be like getting it brand new once more.

    I understand what OGC means about the fake ones on ebay, they do look horrid, but yours are the collaboration model which nearly 40 years later are still rocking!
  11. ITA those fake bracelets look terrible!

    But anyways, I am a bit scared to send mine to get re-plated. I have asked several jewelers in the area, none offer the service. If anybody knows of a good place to send stuff away for re-plating, please let me know.
  12. Tell people where you are based and someone might know a service in that area or an online place.
  13. I have one of these, and actually worked at Revlon at the time.... It was part of the Charlie perfume campaign.
    Anyway, I held onto mine, but only the have bracelet and the gold ectro plated screw is gone. I had a friend create a small brass one, but doesn't look good at all. Anyone have just the screw??? Thanks.

  14. I have one, I bought it on ebay and i love it!
  15. These are cool! Didn't know about them, so thanks for posting.