Cartier price increase thread

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  1. I just read on a fb group for Cartier it might be March/April and the increase is about 10% [emoji33] Anyone know if it’s all items or just some usually? I want to buy a love cuff but I was gonna wait till the end of April...
  2. The manager in Toronto at one of the boutiques said there wasn’t going to be a price increase at all in the near future. I’m confused. She also said it wouldn’t be on a plain love bracelet-which I will be purchasing soon.
  3. Thanks for sharing!

    I want to get the love cuff for a milestone birthday this summer. I have no problem buying it in February if I need to so I can save $, just hoping to confirm my tax return amount first.

    Has anyone else in the USA heard anything about any increase?
  4. I heard about the price increase on a FB group but my SA in NYC said he doesn’t know anything about upcoming increases
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  5. Are there any news on a price drop? I just browsed the online shop and saw lower prices. If I click on the product it shows the old (higher) prices.

    I took a screenshot and attached the pic. The Love Ring (second from the rigth) is 1580€ at the moment but it shows a cheaper price (1420€)?!

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  6. So strange! I hope it decreases, but right now the US site still has the same prices.
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  7. flying to London in a few weeks, is it cheaper to buy Cartier items at Heathrow or in the city? thank you
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  8. The benefit of buying from Heathrow is that you pay the tax free price, whereas you'd need to claim tax refund at the airport if you purchased from a London store. On the other hand, Heathrow isn't as well stocked (though it depends on the item) and you won't be able to check in your purchases as the shops are after security.
  9. Hello! I’m thinking of getting a pair of thin love rings for my S.O and I. It’s currently $1070 USD + tax which will put it at $1164 in NY.

    I’ll be going to London and Paris this weekend and I was wondering if anyone knew which location would I have a better deal getting them at? Thanks in advance!
  10. Can never have to much cariter bracelets :nuts:thank you all your wonder likes .on my past pist greatly appreciated it

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  11. Any news on price increases in the USA? I have my $ set aside for a Love Bracelet, but need to travel for it, the closest Cartier to me is 5 hours away.
  12. Will there be an increase in April?
  13. Does anyone know if there will be a price increase before mid-May in the UK?
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