Cartier price increase thread

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  1. i would choose diamond love to add sparkle to your collection.

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  2. Pink rainbow love!
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  3. Thank u both
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  4. I am seeking some opinion. I will be 50 next year and I am thinking of either the slim Love or the thin Juste un clou ring. I already have a regular size Love that is 5 years old and the thin one is cost the same as the price I paid for the regular one 5 years ago. I love the thin love and it was launched the year I was born, but not sure if I should have two. The ring I can wear daily too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated .
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  5. Hi ~ want to find out.. I will be doing international travel next month. Is there any Cartier boutique in Newark?
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  6. I would add the bracelet!!! Deff worth it and you’ll love having two love bracelets stacked you can always add a ring later the bracelets might go up on price :smile:
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  7. HI!
    DId you end up purchasing the LOVE bracelet while you were in france? Do you know the prices?
  8. Prices currently in Europe (at least in The Netherlands, where I live)
    Cartier love bracelet regular (normal version) (gold, rose gold): €6100,-
    Cartier love bracelet regular (normal version) (white gold): €6550,-
    Cartier love bracelet thinner version (gold, rose gold): €3950,-
    Cartier love bracelet thinner version (white gold): €4250,-

    If you want to know anything in particular, let me know.
  9. The thin love. I have the regular and thin together and LOVE the way it looks. A Juste Un Clou is something I told myself I'd consider only after having a thin and regular as I feel like they compliment each other best.
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  10. Has the price of the cuff or cuff with diamonds increased recently?
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  11. Does anyone know if the prices might increase again in April this year?
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  12. I would also like to know this :smile:
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  13. Hi everybody! Just following up to see if any of you lovely ladies and gents have input on an upcoming price increase?
  14. I just asked my SA and she said she hasn’t heard of anything yet.
    I heard they usually happen in April? I’m not sure but hopefully here will have some info before it happens.
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  15. Thank you so much! Fingers crossed!