Cartier price increase thread

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  1. Thanks! Do you know if the price difference is significant?
  2. Hey loves!
    I have been in love with the Cartier love bangle for longer than I can remember, had the ring for a few years now and it’s finally time to add the bracelet! I am wanting some help in order to see where is cheapest to purchase due to exchange rates/duty free etc so any help would be so appreciated!
    I am based in the uk, but will be flying out of Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur on the 24th of July so was wondering if either of those would help, or the US? I am also in Paris next week so have a few option of where would be cheapest.
    Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Get it in Heathrow Duty Free. Anything involves foreign currency is going to add variance to what might seem to be a “saving”
  4. The cheapest place looks to be Brazil right now. This is assuming your an American buyer and accounts for VAT.
  5. I am also curious of pricing. I am in the US but am wondering what the actual savings is if purchased Duty Free Vs. Paris Vs. The States. ? Anyone able to weigh in on the actual savings or price differences there?
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  6. Anyone heard is there price increases coming in Australia. Im saving for love hoops. I hope not
  7. Australia's love bracelet is $8,800 that is all taxes included. We always have the tax included in the prices.
    I just hope we dont get another increase. We haven't had one in a few years. So its probably inevitable! eek.!!
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  8. Cartier in HK has lowered their price for LOVE and JUC collection. I got my yellow thin Love for HKD31800 two months ago and now it is HKD30500 JUC was around HKD53xxx and now it is HKD51500 (YG/RG)
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  9. Do you know how much is the LOVE ring in pink gold?
  10. The prices are listed on their website for some of the countries.
  11. I might be heading to HK year end so thought I’d ask.
  12. I noticed my two pink loves have different tone wonder if anyone else experiences this:angel:
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  13. I only noticed the two different tones when I initially bought my 2nd love. After some time (and scratches) they look the same now!
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  14. Thank you I'm glad u had same thing as me
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  15. I was wondering if someone could help me ,I'm deciding to add to my collection I love the rainbow loves, should I go for the white or pink second question or diamond one ,or thin ,our regular white love pl ease help ,love them all :confused1:
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