Cartier price increase thread

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  1. Did Cartier had a price increase on watches? For example this one last year it was still like 26500 . That is a 2000 increase omg. IMG_1592.jpg
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  2. So sad. I was browsing in the HK airport store thinking it’s $46900 and was interested to get it once I’m back from my trip then my eyes popped out when I saw it went up ton$49200!! And the saddest part is that they all looked so scuffed for the display models as if it’s been tried on millions times which kinda lost its elegance. Should I??
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  3. It's a beautiful watch, but at this price point I think I would chose Rolex instead.
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  4. Interestingly enough the prices have dropped quite a bit again - WG was $9000 and PG was $8400.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.49.25 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.49.30 PM.png
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  5. Price drop 6.5% at Cartier Bangkok Boutiques due to the strong Thai Baht since May 1st 2018, tourist receives another 7% VAT refund.
    Current price after deduct VAT will be almost the same as retail price in USA without paying US Tax
    (i.e. above picture, PG Love Gemstones Retail is approx $8300 in Boutique, after tax refund is approx $7720)
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  6. Im under the impression that both rainbow loves are now cheaper on the French site as well.. Now the pink gold rainbow is EUR7,450 and I thought before was around 8k? Is that possible? And also, the rest of the bracelets seem to have the same price so perhaps the price has always been the same and I don't remember very well cause it doesn't make sense just those two bracelets became suddenly cheaper.
  7. Any chance they are discontinuing these and phasing them out? Maybe they don't sell as well as the solid gold and gold w/diamonds?
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  8. Hi there! Recently purchased second thin love bracelet and you are correct that prices went down. It's partly because, as they explained to me, fluctuating foreign exchange rates meant that's there was starting to be quite a big disparity in prices from one region to another. So globally they are trying to regularise their prices, as I understand it. It isn't because anything is being discontinued because the price on thin loves went down too and those are only like a couple of years old.

    This is what was explained to me anyways, hope it helps!
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  9. The thing is I’m in Luxembourg and due to a lower VAT we already have the cheapest price in the EU... is even below the price in the Cartier France website... I’ve been buying jewelery from Cartier for some years now and the last price increase was a couple years ago, I got a love last year and one last month and it was the same price so that makes me wonder about the rainbow.. I almost bought it three months ago and remember the price being higher but I may be wrong, for the rest I don’t see any price decrease on the jewelery I own, clou, panther, diamonds, amulette, love... I have a pave love waiting for me to try it but i doubt the price went down in that one
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  10. Hi all, so my family member is going to Paris and London at the end of the month. Would it be better getting my love bracelet here the US without tax? Or Paris or London with vat refund? Thank you so much ❤️
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  11. Hello Cclover2013 would you be able to share with me where ou are able to get the bracelet without tax in the USA. I tried to pm you but didnt get a response. So not sure if you saw my msg.
  12. I’m not cclover2013 but if she lives in a state without a Cartier and orders online, she doesn’t have to pay sales tax.
  13. I totally saw the price went down. I got one a couple months ago and paid $9,000. Was pretty pissed when I saw the price is lower. I’ve never seen the price of a LOVE go down!
  14. Hi, I am going to be in France. I’m considering purchasing a love bracelet. Do you think it would be better to purchase it in the airport duty free or the Cartier store in France? Thanks!
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  15. It’s probabky easier to do it at the airport Duty Free, but if you buy it at a boutique you can fill out paperwork that you turn in at the airport and they refund you the majority of the VAT.
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