Cartier price increase thread

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  1. I was told that Cartier is increaseing their prices starting Sept 1.

    So if you were thinking of getting something, get it now.
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  2. any idea of the percentage?
    i wonder if is across the board?

    I wanted LaDona watch gold.
  3. I wasn't told a %. Only that Cartier everywhere and everything was going up in $. I was told that by my local jewelry store that sells Cartier.
  4. Really?? I'll have to get to the Boca town center this weekend and find out!! Thanks for the info I've been putting off buying this bracelet for a while now, I guess you just started the fire:smile:
  5. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. im sure its %5 i work in the watch bussiness and they went up quite a bit.
  7. D$#%@ all these price increases......I was thinkin about getting a Roadster watch by the end of year when I go overseas.....
  8. Thanks for the info !!
  9. Oh dear, I was thinking of a love bracelet. I must call and ask! Its too soon, I haven't save up enough yet!
  10. Has anyone checked this out ?

    And also - does anyone know where to purchase Cartier online ? Particularly the charms !
  11. I also heard this. Not positive but I think the SA told me around 15%.
  12. Yikes! I was just looking at the roadster on 8/31 and thought I would wait until late Sept.
  13. just wanted to let everyone know my SA told me that cartier is having their next price increase on february 1st. their last one was on september 2007. i'm not sure what the percentage of the increase is but from the numbers she showed me, they were significant enough :Push:
  14. Of course they are! I am just about to get the larger trinity ring. But I've hoping to go to Paris to get.
    Did you happen to see the new price for the Trinity Rings?
  15. Oh wow, I was just about to post about this, the price increase is definately happening feb 1 so those of you are planning a cartier watch purchase, please hurry the numbers are significantly higher!!