Cartier pink gold wash

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  1. Does anyone use a mild soap or anything to clean or rinse off their pink gold Cartier? I always take my ring off at least before touching or getting dish soap and stuff but to rinse off the gold with a wash, do you guys just recommend the sulfate free? Any other recommendations?

  2. I just wash my hands as normal with ordinary soap, whilst wearing my rings. it doesn't appear to affect my rings including pink gold.
  3. Pink gold should withstand regular soap. But wear gloves anyway.
  4. Thanks Morgan! That's Russianpenguin for the recommendations!!(:
  5. I use the Cartier cleaning kit that my SA gave me. If you aren't too far from a boutique, I'm sure that your SA would be more than happy to give you one.
  6. +1

    The kit is really nice, comes with a bottle of mild soap, a small brush & a cleaning cloth.
  7. I used my gel after having it about a month and it made my bracelet looks so shiny and pretty!! (: it's fabulous.
  8. I never take off my Love Ring and haven't use the cleaning kit that the SA gave me since I bought mine last year. I take a shower with it, wash the dishes, use hand sanitizer, do the laundry, etc. I don't see any changes.
  9. @swt_decadent you should try using the gel-- at first I didn't think it would make a difference but it definitely did ️
  10. Well the gold will stay as it it. However, it will get scratched & will loose its shine.