Cartier Pasha or Tank?

  1. hi guys. i actually just realized that i WANT a new cartier watch. :yahoo: but heres the problem... im confused whether to get a junior size tank 2tone or a pasha. can you help me decide? my sister has a junior size 2tone tank also but she never lend it to me..:shrugs: so, probably, ill just get one for myself. so, what do you think? pasha or tank???:graucho:
  2. well which style do you prefer. i love both and if you are a little into watches you will end up with both.
  3. lilach, actually im not sure which one to get because i like both watches but i can only get one. :hysteric:
  4. I prefer the Tank myself!
  5. I prefer the Tank too.
  6. My vote is for the Tank. Have fun and enjoy it.
  7. I also say go for the Tank. I have a two toned one and LOVE it!
  8. I wear the Pasha and love it.
  9. I have both but love the Pasha WAY more.
  10. I wear my Tank everyday. My fave!!
  11. I love both. It's hard to make a choice but for you, I suggest Cartier Tank Crash. Did you check out Cartier Baignoire Crash? It's elegant.
  12. dior24, i prefer a tank francaise or a pasha but until now i can't decide what to get.:shrugs: i just wish i can get both!:graucho: hahaha!
  13. Tank & Pasha are both beautiful. I have a Pasha, I love it; Tank is my next to-buy-watch. =)

    Trish, you can base your decision on your wardrobe. Personally, I see Tank being paired with more feminine outfits (evening wear/gown, dress, etc) than Pasha.
  14. I prefer the Tank, I have a Tank Francaise and can dress it up or down.
  15. The pasha is sportier therefore its more limited than the Tank. I suggest to get the Tank.
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