Cartier pasha or santos?

  1. Hello everyone!!! Ive always wanted something Cartier and was eyeing the roadster for so long. But after seeing the pasha, I fell in love with it. But Im also drawn towards the santos which is more classic. Need your advise. I plan to get either within a couple of weeks and I want to make sure I wont regret it. Attached pics for reference.
    cartier pasha.gif cartier santos.jpg
  2. I have the Santos--I prefer the boxier style in Cartier.
  3. My vote goes to the Pasha. I love the Pasha C. And i think it looks great on a girls wrist!
  4. I vote for the Pasha too. The Pasha & the Roadster are my favorites.
  5. Pasha here
  6. Pasha.
  7. Pasha!
  8. I've got to switch it up and give a vote for the Santos! I have one and LOVE it :smile:
  9. Pasha!!! All the way :tup:
  10. Personally I love the Santos. However, I saw the Pasha on a lady's wrist a few weeks ago and it was incredibly elegant! Good luck making the choice!
  11. Santos. It is more recognizable as Cartier. It has that look.
  12. Mmm, tough call, but I vote the Pasha - it's reminiscent of the Roadster, which you love, but is still a little different. I think the Pasha's gorgeous :yes:
  13. santos
  14. I generally prefer round face watches but I personally don't care for the face of the Pasha. Of the 2 that you selected, I think the Santos has a more classic look if thats what your going for. The Pasha has a bit of edgy uniqueness to it.
  15. wow thanks everyone!!! The general concensus seems to be the Pasha. I do prefer the classic look of the Santos but the Pasha is simply gorgeous. Im still undecided. Need some more enabling LOL:nuts: