Cartier Pasha C - White or Black?

  1. Hi there,

    New to this site - it's fantastic!

    Just wanted to ask you for your opinion. I'm thinking of getting the Cartier Pasha C. I love the sporty look and especially the look of the bracelet.

    Do you like the white or black dial better?? :thinking:

    I dress in a lot of black and greys and I like edgy modern clothes that are not too girly, if that makes a difference.

  2. :welcome2: You'll have so much fun on the Purse Forum. I don't know what the watch looks like, so I can't give you an opinion. Can you post any pictures?
  3. white or black??? i didn't even know the pasha came in white or black. the only one that i know of is the stainless or gold. my dream watch is the stainless, i could care less what the face/bezel/dial looks like. i just want this watch!!!!

    please post pics. i'm dying to know what it looks like.

    welcome to tpf, btw! :yahoo:
  4. If they have it - black
  5. white for me
  6. white for me too
  7. white!