Cartier Panthere Small or Midsize?

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  1. Hi! I’m adding a new Cartier watch to my collection and need some opinions. I have a midsize ss Tank Française which I love and choose over my other watches on a daily basis (I swear it goes with almost everything!), but the Panthere also calls to me. I already know I’m going with the ss because gold looks horrendous with my skin tone (Irish pale). I tried on the small and midsize ss Panthere (no diamonds) and the small ss model with diamonds. All were lovely but I’m worried the small doesn’t make as much of a statement with my wrist size (6.5) and the model with diamonds will not be as versatile for daily wear. I’d love to hear opinions from others who own either size of this watch and why you love the choice you made. TIA!
  2. I have the small with diamonds. And I love it so much. Adding diamonds is always nice but I would say the plain is equally gorgeous. I have small wrist so I prefer the small. If you have larger wrist, i think the medium would look better!
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  3. Why would the diamond not be versatile for daily wear? I wear mine EVERYDAY for last seven years. Life’s short....wear diamonds if they make you happy. That said, I wear very little other jewelry, usually just one ring and studs.
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  4. Did you buy your watch, yet? I think the small with diamonds would bring versatility to your watch wardrobe. The small diamond watch could be worn just about anywhere, and it’s dressy enough for evening.
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  5. I recently went with the SS version of the Panthere and it is beautiful and stunning. The shine of the SS is very unique to other SS models, such as the Tank Francaise. It’s great for everyday wear and received many comments so far.

    The SS Panthere looks very modern and dressy at the same time, great for all occasions. Diamond version is absolutely stunning, can’t go wrong with either. My personal preference was to go with the SS w/o diamonds as I didn’t want to take the attention away from my diamond rings
  6. Pictured is the small size for your reference
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  7. Thanks so much for your help, everyone! I’m sorry not to reply sooner, but for some reason I never received email notification that anyone responded to my thread so I thought nobody even saw it. I debated for a few more days about it and tried on both sizes/models a couple more times. In the end I went with the SS medium. It’s beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with it but for some reason I still choose to wear my Tank Francaise probably 90% of the time, maybe just out of habit. And now I think I want to add a SS 34 Ballon Bleu or Tank Americaine (with a plain black band) to my little Cartier watch collection but can’t decide which-lol. It’s a bit of an addiction, but I enjoy having choices. I think I may add those two watches and after that will probably not want to add anymore. I love Cartier above all watches. There are just so many pretty things that I don’t really need!
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  8. I love your Panthere and your wedding/e-rings are gorgeous, too! I can see why you wouldn’t want to add the distraction of diamonds at your wrist. I think your wrist is more petite than mine. I have medium bone structure and my Panthere medium looks about the same size on me that the small does on you. I also love diamonds and we recently upgraded my wedding set. I went with slender pave set bands because my fingers are super long and slender (apparently unlike my wrists-lol), but now I see yours and I wonder....
  9. Love it!!!
  10. I have a small wrist. I wear a size 16 cm bracelet. Here is the medium and small Panthere on my wrist.

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