Cartier Panther Back-pack

  1. I just purchased a Cartier Backpack on eBay. It came with tags, Dustbag
    & Authentification Card but Im still not sure if its real, can anyone out there help me ? :confused1:
  2. [​IMG]


    Sorry - Heres some pics to help.....:shrugs:
  3. I have that bag - It is a sling, right? The lining is the same, the zipper pull says Cartier on both sides, and the Cartier stamp behind the panther circle, all looks good. Mine is 100% authentic and I didn't save the Authentication Card or at least don't know where it is. I'm not very careful with those cards since I never sell my bags. . . I don't care if I don't use them anymore - I still like them all!!
  4. Another thing Bag Lady - the leather is very delicate it scratches easily!!
  5. What a Gorgeous bag:nuts:
    Congratulations and enjoy and hopefully you got an authentic bag. It's a beauty.
  6. Thank You so much for putting my mind at ease - I did get a great deal, only paid $175 for it :wlae: - so I was a little nervous :s . Thanks again. :heart:
  7. PS - I would never sell my bags either, they are way to precious !!
  8. Wow! That's quite a buy - It's a great bag enjoy!
  9. great bag. maybe the next time you go to a Cartier boutique you could ask them to authenticate it for you if you're still unsure.
  10. Sweet bag :smile: congrats!
  11. I have this bag and it looks the same, the lining, etc. VERY GOOD price.
  12. nice bag and what an amazing price! congrats!