Cartier Orchid Pieces?

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  1. I was positive that I was going to try to get a Cartier Trinity ring next month in Vegas. However, I was drooling on the Cartier site and saw the Orchid pieces. Wow! The "simple" orchid ring with a single diamond is approximately $300 more than the trinity ring.
    Does anyone own one of the Orchid rings? Can you most a modelling pic so I can get a size estimate? TIA!
    Also, this is going to be my 20th anniversary wedding gift (in Dec, but I can wear it all year!). :yahoo:Which do you prefer? Either one, I would probably wear on my pointer finger.
  2. Are you talking about the gold one, with 0ne stone? I am in love with it too, but I saw it only in pink gold. Does it also come in yellow or white? The diamond ones are way out of my ring price range (pave) I am sure it is beautiful in pink but would prefer yellow or white.
  3. also would say that I much prefer it over trinity. just my own preference as i like a large surface area when possible!!
  4. Yes, that's the one! I'm a big fan of pink gold and I understand the Cartier's pink gold is divine so I'm excited to see it IRL.
    I live out in the country which is wonderful, but no access to designer yummies. :smile:
    I understand what you mean about surface area too; especially since I am going to wear it on my pointer finger. I'd like it to be sort of a "statement" piece.
  5. I have never seen pink cartier gold in real life. I have heard it is exquisite. If you want to make a statement go for this ring. The trinity is a classic, but I think the orchid is just spectacular, you will be thrilled every time you look at it and there is practically no price difference. The design is so amazing. well that is what I would get given the choice for sure...
  6. i don't have them, but i HAVE seen them IRL, and worn them.

    I tried the small pink gold orchid on my pinky, and the larger one (with the red stone) on my ring finger, so it was like a small cluster/bouquet of orchids on my fingers.

    they're GORGEOUS. but alas, i couldn't justify the price. you're right, the tiny one is roughly like 2K and the larger one is about 7K. (i'm rounding down here)

    and they're lovely, but i already has the trinity with diamonds, and i felt like that was a little more universal and classic.

    anywho, definitely let us know what you decide because they're truly beautiful pieces! Have you seen the onyx orchid with pave diamonds?! i DIE for that one.
  7. The onyx one is beautiful; I'd probably be single if I tried coming home with that!

    So the pink one with the single diamond is tiny? I was hoping that it would have a nice substantial look.
  8. me too thats what i thought...

  9. yeah, the smaller orchid is really small, about 1.5 to 1.75 cm wide, MAX.

    but, i have to state that i'm a guy, and while my hands are small and delicate for men, they are still considerably more masculine than womens hands.

    so it might not look so tiny on your fingers.
  10. Thanks for the info; it's so pretty though! I have fairly slender fingers so maybe it will work in my favor for once. :smile:

    I'm so excited! A little less than a month to go until I get to do some big city shopping!
  11. yaaaayy! well just be sure to show us pics of the ring and any other purchases you might acquire.

    oh and happy 20th! that's a pretty big milestone!
  12. I love the necklaces from this collection!! Good luck on your shopping trip and be sure to post pics. I have the Cartier Trinity with scattered diamonds. It is a great everyday ring for me. If I had the Orchid, I think it would be more of a special occasion type piece, but I have't seen the collection in person. I'll be interested in your feedback.
  13. they are SO gorgeous! very lovely -- i've thought about one myself
    (there's one for 2K? that's a deal (relatively)!