Cartier or Patek Philippe ? Please choose one for me!


Which one you like the most?

  1. cartier diagonale w diamond quartz

  2. cartier baignoire allongee (not original diamond)

  3. cartier baignoire allongee

  4. Patek Phillipe Gondolo

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  1. [​IMG]


    I am thinking to buy a watch. Which one you like the most and which you u think will retain its value in the future?:heart:
    1) Cartier Diagonale w original diamond (Quartz only) $25500
    2) Cartier Baignoire allongee (not original diamond) (manual) $13000
    3) Cartier Baignoire allongee (manual) $8800
    3) Patek Phillipe Gondolo w original diamond (quartz $19000 or manual $20000)
  2. patek but only manual. the thing about prices is ladies watches almost never hold up their value like mens watches do but patek definately is stronger.
    apart from that it looks the best from the watches above but that is my humble opinion
    ah and aftermaket diamonds like on the cartier (i assume you mean that by stating no original diamond) are abig no-no and lower the resell value dramatically no watch afficianado wants a frankenwatch
  3. I love all but i voted cartier diagonale w diamond quartz
  4. i love how the second one looks =) very elegant and lady like
  5. I prefer the Cartier Baignoire allongee (manual) choice #3
  6. PATEK PHILIPPE! Stefano Pilate from YSL wears a Patek. Cartier is so overbranded. Everyone and their mother have a Cartier. Patek is a understated but so classy!
  7. Your not paying the over inflated diamond price to begin with so of course its going to appear that the resale value is less. Most watch places do not employ a diamond setter at their factory, they send the watches to a jeweler to set the diamonds. (I asked a Hermes & they said they send bags out to be set by a jeweler. )
    I know many of you don't want to hear this but the "factory diamonds" is a huge scam to separate a buyer from their money. Don't kill the messenger. We aren't talking about airplane or auto parts - but something that has NO effect on how the watch works. Pure cosmetic change. If you do the math, you will be shocked at what you are paying for these diamonds. And you can get even better quality diamonds by going after market. I've done it with outstanding results.
    If someone is so empty inside they look down on someone who's had after market diamonds added, then the problem is not the one who saved themselves a ton of money, is it?
  8. I like the first Cartier watch! More modern-looking, and I really like the face.
  9. Patek Phillipe. So beautiful.
  10. #4 manual!!!
  11. The 2nd one is so lovely and understated...for resell value the PP is better imo.

    But they are all lovely and you cant go wrong with any one of them!!!
  12. sorry but that is simply not true all the big manufacturers have them set in house as well as Hermes (they have a whole department in paris dedicated towards their jewellery)

    about aftermarket or not everyone has their opinion about it(i am against it but i do not look down on anyone who goes that route and i am not empty inside) i just stated how aftermarket anything is perceived in the watch world.
  13. Thank you for your advice, thats exactly what my husband said. :heart:

    I also agree with your point.....:heart: