Cartier NYC was robbed today!

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  1. So totally crazy today... I was running some errands in midtown and on a whim decided to pop into Cartier to look at a watch I am considering. It was a beautiful day today, bright, sunny and 5th Avenue was carrying on like a normal day. I walked towards the back of the store and was (obviously) taken by the beautiful rings in the cases. Then I looked and noticed there was yellow tape in front of the stairs for the watch section. I asked the saleswoman if there was another entrance assuming they were doing work on the stairs or something... then she said with a pause "no....." and I looked again and saw all of these policemen in the watch section. The glass case that was visible from where I was standing was smashed and glass was all over the floor! It was like a movie! When I realized what had happened, I noticed about 5-10 policemen investigating the situation, some on phones and another undercover policeman with his badge around his neck in the central part of the store. Apparently the perpetrators got away with some watches. I realized it wasn't the best time to browse and made my way out of the store, but thought it was really crazy!! Lucky for me I must have just missed it... All of the sales staff were handling the situation professionally and carrying-on. So I will go back in the next few weeks when hopefully everything will be back to normal. Such a bummer!!
  2. Yes it's crazy! Happened at lunch time. They got away with $700k in watches says reports. I can't believe they didn't close the store for the day. Bunch of crazy people out there even more now with the Super Bowl- can't wait for that to be over.
  3. WOW. I've drooled over watches many times in that section.
  4. WOW and I was just there a few weeks ago and never thought anything like that can happen :sad: so sad!
  5. WOW! Am I mistaken or has this particular location been hit in the past as well?

  6. Totally agree. I stayed away from the west side all week. I couldn't even get the weather all week from the news. Each day they talked about the weather for Super Bowl and skipped over the days in between. On topic, they said they came in with hammers and just starting smashing the showcases. These stores need police officers on site, not security guards hoping their presence deters this from happening.
  7. At least here, security is usually plain clothed police officers or police who are "off duty" working a side job as security. They're still officers. I find it incredibly strange that wouldn't be the case there.
  8. That's what I was thinking. I've never been to a Cartier without security there. Maybe their policy is just to let them take what they want. They probably don't want a shootout at a Cartier store.
  9. they know their stock too, so they probably have serials on file to hand over and flag. Most dealers will know it's stolen when they try to authenticate it.
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    it's ironic because every time I am in that store I feel like I am in a high security prison. there are guards that seem like secret service agents with their slick suits and earpieces everywhere, I actually feel semi-uncomfortable there because the security and scrutiny is so intense.
  11. No way! I was there today and had no idea. Was only in the front section though. There was a reporter standing out front asking people questions but I just walked past.
  12. I find it strange that it was so easy for the robbers and that the sales associates were seen laughing about it "popping bottles". So strange but glad to hear no injuries and everyone is okay!

  13. Where did you hear that? I live here and haven't heard anything about the sa's laughing about it
  14. Didn't think this kind of thing could happen to Cartier during the middle of the day no less! C'mon now Cartier ... lol
  15. I read they had their usual meetings and usually have champagne. So popping the cork so to speak.